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My Career Wheel

No description

Saraniya Mahendran

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of My Career Wheel

Saraniya Mahendran
My Career
Education and Training

School Activities
Family Life and
Home Activities
Friends and Social
Special Interests
Teams, Groups, Clubs
Work for Wages
Community Involvement
My Career Wheel
R.H.King Academy
Elementary and Middle schools
My elementary school was called McCowan Road Junior Public School. I had went there for kindergarten to grade six. I had graduated from this school with a honor award. My middle school was called John McCrae Public School. I had went to this school for grade seven and eight. Now this school is a K-8 school. I had graduated from this school with a A.B.Patterson award and honor award.
I am currently a grade 10 student at R.H.King Academy. This school is from grades nine to twelve.
My Training
I am certified to do CPR. I currently go to swimming lessons. I am training to soon become a lifeguard.
King Court Representatives
This is a council that I enjoy helping out in. As being a KCR member, I get to help out with activities such as Commencement, Parent Teacher Interviews, Grade Nine Orientation, and Award Assemblies.
Moderns Café
This is a club where we learn French and Spanish cultures. We watch movies, learn languages, taste food, and learn dances.
Family Vacations
Game Night
Every year my family tries to go on a vacation during the summer. We try to go out the city and sometimes we decide to visit other countries.
Every Fridays, my family and I try to play different board games in order to spend time together.
Movie Nights
During the holidays, my friends and I would go shopping at various different malls each day.
Every Saturday my friends and I would watch a variety of different movies.
Cooking and Baking
Another one of my special interest is traveling. I love to travel to different countries, cities, and provinces. Whenever I travel, I wold love to taste different food, learn different languages, and explore different landscapes.
One of my special interest is to baking and cooking goods for my family and friends. I have always been learning to cook different types of food. I learned to bake and cook since I was eleven.
Swim Team
I am part of this swimming team at the Centennial pool. We have practices every Saturdays. We have just started practicing and soon we will be participating competitions.
Soccer Team
During my elementary school days, I was a part of this soccer team. We would practice everyday in order to win many games against other schools.
I have done tutoring for kids in my neighborhood. I would tutor them various different subjects. Whenever they need help with their homework, I would also help them with that too.
Bath and Body Works
When I turn sixteen, I want to be able to get a job at a retail store. I would really want to work at Bath and Body Works because I really enjoy shopping there. Whenever I go shopping at BBW, I would always think about getting a part time job there.
Cliffcrest Community Center
Trudelle Family Resource Center
This is a branch from "Heartbeatz" organization. This center provides families with education, and support. My job was to play with kids who were ranged in age from newborns to 10 years old. I would help set out art activities for the kids to do each day.
This is also a branch from "Heartbeatz" organization. This center provides a daycare for children from between the ages from two to twelve. My job was to play with the kids and introduce them new activities that they could try each time I go to volunteer there.
What is a job?
A job is a specific position that a person is employed for. They perform duties in order to get wages.
For example, I had a tutoring job and it was two hours per day and I was getting paid $15 per hour.
An occupation is a wide category of jobs which have similar characteristics such as skills, or responsibilities.
For example the occupation is Life Scientist and the specific jobs under this occupation is Zoologists and Marine Biologists
What is a occupation?
A career is a lifetime journey where you make good use of your skills, knowledge, and experience. A person can be able to have many jobs or occupations based on their career.
For example, there are high school careers and university careers.
What is a Career?
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