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Global mobility: Talent and policy segmentation

No description

Andy Davis

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Global mobility: Talent and policy segmentation

Talent and Policy





Typical Profile
Top-level executives
Employees with key skills vital for the business

Common Characteristics
Cost not always relevant; mobility is a priority
Expensive lifestyle and high expectations
Need to differentiate allowances and benefits compared to typical expatriates
Can ask for exceptions to the common policy

Typical Profile
Common Characteristics
Typical Profile
Common Characteristics
Typical Profile
Typical Profile
Common Characteristics
Common Characteristics
Junior-level employees
Future talent

Need to limit/share cost
“Expat light” type of packages
Real incentive to move is career development and learning
Need to manage expectations
Employees of any level requesting
Moves not essential for the business

Expectation that employee will bear most of the cost
No on-going support by Company
One-time payments and advice to facilitate the move if retention issues

Employees recruited within the region
Objective is to take advantage of local talent / lower cost

Potentially managed at regional level and/or to meet regional business objectives
“Expat light” types of package often used
Potential specific regional issues
Company-driven career
Employee-driven career
Local hires
Multiple assignments
Definition of “home” is unclear
International lifestyle
Base often pay reflects previous assignment – not always clear home or host pattern
Issues linked to pension, healthcare, immigration, etc

Flexibility in role structure and strategies
Emerging/ High Potential Talents
International learning and development to grow the next generation of leaders.
Strategic business leaders
Career building volunteers
Seasoned technical experts
Fill mission-critical roles and deliver specific, strategic business results.
International experience to fulfill personal life objectives (opportunistic employee-driven moves).
Providing specialist skill, resource or expertise to fill local gap; complete specific project of task.
Developmental value
Business value
Corporate-led career pathways and succession management
Business-led resource planning and deployment
Now let's look at some
role types
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