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The Mayan Gods and Goddesses

No description

Carson Noel

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of The Mayan Gods and Goddesses

Chac is the Mayan god of rain, he was always represented by a reptile like human with snake like features. Chac is very important for farming because he waters the farmers crop, even though no one is positive how he is believed to make it rain with his big eyes. He is even kind enough to the farmers to give them the secrets of farming at no extra cost.
Ah-Puch is the Mayan god of Death, he is always shown with a skull or skeleton. He is also the ruler of Mintal, or the 9th level of the Mayan underworld, which is the deepest darkest part known to all the Mayans. His favorite outfit is thought to be a putrefying corpse with an owl head. It is also thought that the only way to escape is scream in terror to make him think his demons are already doing their job.
KINICH-AHAU is known as the Mayan god of the sun as well as the Mayan god of rulers. However, not only is KINICH-AHAU the Mayan sun god he is a patron god of the number four where he is ruler of drought and disease. It is not known if KINICH-AHAU was a very kind nor very evil god, but given the great sun god's powers the Mayans always made sure to make good sacrifices to please him in every way.

IXCHEL was the Mayan goddess of the Moon as well as rainbows. She is also known to be the goddess of pregnant women,

childbirth, and even weaving. However her appearance is....different she is thought to be part waterfall with live snakes
in her hair, much like Medusa. Most of the time she is known as
a kind goddess but if you were to see her in a crossbones skirt
and her writhing hair all humans knew to steer clear of her because
that meant she was upset.
EK-CHUAH was the Mayan merchant god as well as the Mayan god of trade, one little thing some might not know is that he was portrayed as a black male. However EK-CHUAH was not always a god of trade and merchants, at one time he was the god of conflicts. Some even would say that because he was once the god of conflicts that he is the cause for co nflict between trades and merchants Another thing about him is that because he is the god of Cacoa beans that technically makes him a god of chocolate.
The Mayan Gods
VOTAN is the somewhat mysterious god of warfare as well as death. Most do not remember him because seeing as Mayan gods are not immortal, he died before most of the Mayan life period. In fact he was already losing teeth and his skin was turning black with smoke and grime before he was ever recognized as a Mayan god. Despite being old VOTAN was a very powerful god, as well as one of the oldest Mayan gods.
CABRAKAN is an unfriendly mountain god who doesn't mind violence or earthquakes. He is thought to be the son of the Hell-god VUCUB-CAQUIX, which explains some of his destructive nature. However two heroic twins one of which was XBALANQUE were not too fond of his violent ways and put an end to him by poisoning him.
ITZAMNA was the Mayan head god, lord of the heavens and lord of night and day. He was a very important god to the Mayans but for some reason he was portrayed as a lizard and human mix. Pictures even show ITZAMNA as a cross-eyed old man with a body that was similar to a lizards. Not only was ITZAMNA the Mayan god of all those things, but he was believed to be the creator and inventor of books and scripts
XBALANQUE was one of the hero-twins of the Mayan time-period. Not only was he one of the hero twins, but he was one of the moon gods and a very talented ball game player. In fact he competed with his brother HUNAHPU in the Underworld Cup final and completely blew their competition out of the water. Also, because he is the moon god he throws out the stars at night after the sun goes down which is good practice for his throwing arm


One thing the Mayan gods did more was ask for sacrifice, for instance because of this the Mayans believed that if they did not sacrifice to the gods that the gods would destroy them and create a new world. This is opposed to the Greek gods where sacrifice was not the most common or sanitary way of pleasing the gods. Another thing that is not the same between the Mayan and Greek gods is that Greek gods were immortal where as Mayan gods were not believed to be immortal , for instance VOTAN was old and losing his teeth long before he was a god then he died of old age not long after and that is why he isn't the most popular or well known gods. The final difference is that the Mayans didn't believe that the gods lived in the heavens such as Greek gods. Just like how gods could die the Mayans believed that most of the gods lived right along side them on the Earth.
One of the similarities between the two sets of gods is that both, Mayan and Greek gods were both much more powerful than the average Mayan or Greek. Even though Greek gods were immortal and had amazing powers, the Mayan gods were still worshiped for a reason, and it is because they are more powerful. Another similarity between the two sets of gods is that their worshipers believed that they could hurt them or help them. That would be why the Mayans tried to please the gods with sacrifice and the Greeks built temples and statues in the god's honor. The final similarity is what the gods were gods of. What I mean by that is what the gods were worshiped for, for example Zues was the god of the sky and ITZAMNA was the god of the sun, or how Ares is the god of war and so is VOTAN, and finally how Hades is the god of the underworld and death and so is AH-PUCH.
CAMA-ZOTZ is the Mayan god of bats, such as the animal not like the wooden one. In fact he is thought to be a leaf-nosed vampire bat himself and have his own bat collection. However despite his appearance and his love for bats he was also a very sporty type of god who loved to play the ball game.
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