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The Barking Tree Frog

What it is & what it does!

John Hocker

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of The Barking Tree Frog

Where is it? The Barking Tree Frog What a color! What is it? Let's find out! concealment by some means that alters or obscures the appearance: Drab plumage provides the bird with camouflage against predators. What is it? Let's find out! Can you say camouflage? What is the word for not being able to easily see the tree frog? Can you find the barking tree frog? Is this:
1) What it it?
2) What it does?
3) How it acts? What does it do? Must be a verb!!! The Barking Tree Frog is highly variable in color, from lime green to brown. Generally, it is medium green with dark circles or blotches, and gold or yellow flecks. The throat, belly, and inside of the hind legs are usually deep yellow to gold. Color can vary according to the lighting, time of day, and temperature. When stressed, the frog may become lighter in color, losing its dark blotches.
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