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City U_CA 5240_Week 7

Business Model and Transport Development

Jason NI

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of City U_CA 5240_Week 7

A Social Welfare/Service?
Or, a Business (profit-seeking)?


The Canvas ~
Business Model 101
1. Apple
Re-define Transportation
Def. Transportation is to move people from Point A to Point B
Reolian Transport in Macau
1st foreign company entering Macau's (local) Bus Business..
Operating most routes (so far)
In Last Class ~
Business Model and Transport Development
Jason Ni, Ph.D.
1. Business Model 101
2. Non-Transportation Cases
3. Re-define Transportation
3. Reolian Transport in Macau
4. Taiwan HSR
Congestion Pricing?
Should Transportation Business/Service be "Cost-Driven"?
Or "Value-Driven"?
Apply Canvas ~
...Over Time ~
The Blue Ocean ~
The "Platform" Model
Experiences Matter!
2. W Hotel
When you walk in the hotel, your first word
should be ....
Experience Matter?
"Travel for Travel sake"..?
1. Today's Airline Industry
Virgin Airline, UK
Cathy Pacific, HK
FAT Girls, TW
Which one will you choose?
The success comes from a good combination of
different resources - Virgin Music & Airline
This is highly "human- and service-oriented"
2. TGV, FR: Feeling of Sustainability
3. Truck Driver in Taiwan
ALL above are adding extra value by highlighting the "non-functional utility" of transportation..
The Challenge
The Efforts
However, unlike the Casino open-market;
The Bus competition is a "Zero-sum Game".
Bank & PPP
Air vs. HSR
Consider the total time (check-in, security check, etc.); air transportation takes MORE time.
Financial Model
1. Public Private Partnership (PPP)
2. Build Operate Transfer (BOT)
Taiwan HSR ~
Government Step-in to bail out the system..
Should this be the practice for mega projects in Hong Kong?
Private $ can be government's partner..
But don't get kidnapped by it..
Go back to this ...
The Professor's Rule of Today..
What do you expect?
What do we deliver?
Don't forget ~ Class Evaluation
Professors in Western...
- deliver knowledge, care, opportunities, etc.
Professors in Asia...
- deliver knowledge, and.. fantasy..
What do they have in common?
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