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The Last Present

In my prezi on 13 Gifts, I said I didn't know what was in this book. Now I do, so here it is.

Katherine Skogley

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of The Last Present

The Last Present
By: Katherine Skogley
Author: Wendy Mass
The characters in this book are Amanda, Leo, Rory, Tara, David, Grace, Ray, Jake Harrison and Angelina Di' Angelo. I told you about some of them in my prezi on 13 Gifts, but I'll say those things again.
Amanda Ellerby
Amanda was the main character in 11 birthdays, and now she is the main character in The Last Present. She is the main character with her best friend Leo. They get to travel back in time to each of David's friend's little sister, Grace's birthdays so they could fix them. Do they succeed? Read the series to find out.
Leo Fitzpatrick
Leo is Amanda's best friend, second main character in their books of the series. He loves eating, and is usually snacking on something or other. He is a great friend, and he has a fun sense of humor. He and Amanda know Angelina Di' Angelo and her strange ways, and they didn't talk to each other for two years straight. The second year, they talked on blackboards, the first they were fighting, and now......read the series to find out. If one year of not talking can make a birthday repeat itself, what can two years do?
Rory Swenson
Rory was the main character in Finally. She was turning 12, and she got everything she wanted... or so she thought. Read the series to find that out. She is a babysitter, and a very nice girl. She is a good friend who always has an idea to share. She had a scary experience with a bunny, so don't talk about those with her. Oh, and she's allergic to most makeup.
Tara Brennen
Tara was the main character in 13 Gifts. After spraying the principal of her old school with pepper spray over a life-sized stuffed goat, she was grounded for the summer to Willow Falls, instead of getting to go to Madagascar for the summer. She makes her first real friends, and she even meets a cute boy. She is commanded by Angelina Di' Angelo to collect 13 mysterious gifts. She has to collect them by her birthday, Friday the 13th. Does she succeed? Read the series. In Willow Falls, she stays with her rich aunt, uncle, cousin (the St. Claire's)and their friend Ray. Ray is originally from Australia, they make fun of his accent but they become friends.
David Goldberg
David was new to the series in 13 Gifts. He likes hamburgers, but they call him the hamburgler because of his last name. He is Jewish, and he had his Bar Mitzvah in 13 Gifts. He sang songs in the pool hole of his across the street neighbor, Tara's uncle, aunt and cousin. Tara loved how it sounded down there. He gave her a CD that she put on her iPod for her birthday. For most of this book, David is away visiting his dad. He and Tara like each other, but things keep getting in the way of them, such as Tara's Uncle Rodger.
David's friend is named Connor. His cute little sister is named Grace, and the book is made possible by her. On her tenth birthday, she falls into a frozen state, and it's up to Amanda and Leo to save her. They attain the temporary ability to travel back in time (read the series to find out why) and they have to fix certain things that went wrong during all of Grace's birthday parties. If they fix them, Angelina Di' Angelo say she will be better. Will they succeed? Read the series to see.
Ray is Australian, and he has a cute accent. He is really handsome, and the mom's always joke around about that. He eventually becomes Tara's friend, and then the group's. He starts to become one of the few people who can know about Angelina Di' Angelo. I don't know why, but all of the ones who have that ability can smell apples in Willow Falls, from before all the apple trees got chopped down. They make Ray an official member of the group when he gains the ability to smell them. David doesn't gain this ability, making him the only member that can't in this group. As a joke, he gives Tara an official Australian dictionary. He gives the group a ride whenever they need one, because he won't ask questions. Read the series to see how cool he is!
Amanda is afraid of the Wizard of Oz
They talked to each other on blackboards for a year
She is afraid of bunnies, read the series to see why!
She tried to steal the school mascot, a life-sized stuffed goat.
They call him the hamburglar
She imaginary-knits, read the series to find out why!
he can smell the apples that are no longer there.
Jake Harrison
Jake Harrison is a famous movie star who comes to Willow Falls to make a movie. He gets a crush on Rory (That's right, our Rory!), and now they have to wait a few years, but they will soon start dating. He got Willow Falls a lot of publicity. Rory was an extra with a few of her friends, and now they would be inseparable, if not for the movie star part. Of course, he is nice and hot and he even got a play Fiddler On The Roof, read the series!) set up for them.
Rory and Jake went to the beach with Tara, Ray, Amanda and Leo.
Angelina Di' Angelo
Thanks to her, this series exists. She has powers that allow her to see things in the world. She fixes some of them, and breaks into some people's lives to help them fix things, such as our group. She never gives anyone the whole story. She is all about birthdays. She has many secrets, and is REALLY old. Read the series, the end will give you the answers!
In Tara's book, Angelina gets a cane. Read to see why!
11 Birthdays
Amanda and Leo got into a fight and didn't talk for a year. On their birthday, it is the first year they didn't have their birthday parties together, they were born the same day. The next day, they both can't wait for. But the next day is their birthday. How do they fix it? Read to find out.
You can't understand one book without reading the rest, so read the series!
Rory finally gets everything she ever wants when she turns 12! But when she falls into a drainpipe and Angelina Di' Angelo is the one to help her, everything turns around. She is allergic to make up, she claims her bunny did something, read the book to find that out. Then Jake Harrison comes to film a movie. She gets to be an extra, and so she gets some time to hang out with Jake. They get to be friends, but meanwhile he has to pretend to be dating Madison Waters, an actress. She is a little selfish, and a lot rude. Read the series to see what else happens.
The list of things Rory gets when she turns 12
13 Gifts
Tara was going to Madagascar with her parents for the summer, but when she tried to make friends by helping a group of girls steal the school mascot, a life-sized stuffed goat, she accidentally sprays the principal with pepper spray. She has to stay in her parents old home, Willow Falls for the summer. She finally makes some friends, and then Angelina Di' Angelo comes and instructs her to find 13 mysterious objects before her 13th birthday on Friday the 13th. Why? Read the book to find that out, as well as a bunch of other mysterious things.
The Last Present
This book goes back to Leo and Amanda, but all the other characters are in there. It takes place right after 13 Gifts ends, and it wraps up a bunch of things you don't know the answer to in the other books.
Angelina has a duck birthmark on her cheek that wiggles when she speaks
I recommend this series to girls who love books about girls growing up mixed with magic, and things you never quite know the answer to until the very end.
This town is in a magical place called Willow Falls. It is set in the present, there are cell phones and all kinds of stuff like that. The main places in Willow Falls are the beach, the mall, the Historical Society, the school, and all of their houses. There are several other places as well, but you'd get bored of reading or listening to the list. I'll let you read the series and find out the rest for yourself.
The stuffed raccoon in the Willow Falls Historical Society.
"There are no coincidences in Willow Falls!"
-quote repeatedly in the book
"But you're MY disaster"
-from Jake Harrison to Rory
When Amanda and Leo didn't talk for a year, their birthday continuously repeated itself. The next year, they were not allowed to talk to each other. They expected something to happen. On her tenth birthday, Grace falls into a frozen state, and it's up to Amanda and Leo to save her. Angelina Di' Angelo sends them on a mission back in time to save her. Jake Harrison comes for his premier of "Playing It Cool," the movie he comes to make in Finally. He spends time with Rory at the beach right before he has to go, but promises to come back soon. (he had to sign a paper saying he wouldn't date Rory for a few years!) Rory and Tara continuously trick Amanda And Leo when they return forward in time. Read the book to find out the rest!
One of the tricks on Amanda and Leo
I would tell you, but it might give away some things. You better read the series if you want to know this!
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