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The Invasion of Poland

No description

Hannah Ward

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The Invasion of Poland

What if Adolf Hitler had Never Invaded Poland in 1939?
If Hitler had not invaded Poland, the Soviet union wouldn't have either. The only reason why the Soviet Union went after Poland was because Germany did.
What is the Invasion of Poland?
The invasion of Poland is an event that occurred on the 1st of
September, 1939. Around 1.5 million German troops invaded Poland along its 1,750 mile border. Adolf Hitler said it was a defense action, but Britain and France were not convinced.
Germany invaded Poland because the German state wanted to expand. They already took over Austria and Czechoslovakia, and no one was there to stop them. Another reason why is because they also had a non aggression pact with Russia to share Poland.
When did this event occur?
The invasion of Poland began on the 1st of September 1939, and ended on October the 6th, 1939.
What if this event did not occur?
The Invasion of Poland
What Adolf Hitler thought
Hitler was confident that the invasion of Poland would result in a short victorious war, and he pressed Poland to permit the construction of new road and railways across its territories to improve communication between East Russia and Germany. The decision to invade Poland was a gamble.
Why was this event significant to Canada?
This event was significant to Canada because we showed the world that we weren't being controlled by the British Empire, and we decided our own destiny by declaring war on Germany a
week after Britain did.
Why did Germany Invade Poland?
Here's a map Displaying how Germany and Russia (Soviet Union) shared/split up Poland.
Did you know that...
France and especially Britain followed a foreign policy of appeasement. They wanted to maintain peace in Europe, by making limited concessions to German demands.
Cool Fact!
Did you know that Poland never formally surrendered?
This event triggered World War II, so if this event never existed, World War II wouldn't have broke out, and our planet would be a bit more peaceful.
-When this event occurred,
water supplies and sewers were damaged, even food was very low.
-Little buildings were left untouched.
-Tens of thousands of Polish that left were forced into slave labour for the Nazi machine.
The result of this event was tragic. About 6 million Polish citizens, nearly 21.4% of Poland's population, died between 1939 and 1945.
Overall, Why did you choose this topic?
I chose this topic because its very important for us to remember what the Invasion of Poland was like. We need to keep the people who passed away in our prayers. This topic was very appealing, and very important to know about. This is also the event that triggered the Second World War, that's another reason why its very important.
So in conclusion, I personally think this topic is very significant and extremely interesting to talk about with others.
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