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Senior Symposium

Shaina Tantuico Kendade 305 1045

Shaina Tantuico

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Senior Symposium

Context Shaina Tantuico
Policy, Schooling and the Arts Systems of Resilience Among Underserved Filipino Youth Cost and relevance CENTEX Methodology Grounded Theory College entrants Accademic achievers Resilience positive outcomes achieved
in the face of adversities Protective factors
Adapt and Cope
Network and community Cycle 1: Mapping Accademic
External Emotional
Social Self Conclusions and Recommendations Nuclear Families Modeling

Linked to financial status

Crucial partnership with extended family

Experiences have been linked to aspirations

Youth Networks: Community Financial

Positive reinforcement

Protective factor Moving Forward Valuing students as a whole Extending the learning community Bringing the world into the classroom Equipped with understanding JeepNeed: Moving Forward
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