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Our eLearning Journey

No description

Catriona Duff

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Our eLearning Journey

Technology in the classroom, using the SAMR model to transform your teaching and learning.

On the right is a short clip
explaining SAMR (Substitution,
Augmentation, Modification
and Redefinition. Press play now!

The eLearning team understands that each staff member is at a different stages of the eLearning journey.
Our eLearning Journey
eLearning in 2013
Desire2Learning(D2L) 24-7 access to curriculum and tracking of understanding.

Term 1 was an introduction to the basics of D2L, building courses.
Term 2 looked at the different collaboration tools, quizzes and grade book.
Term 3 detail courses
Term 4 differentiation of courses

Different uses of D2L
1. Flipped Classroom
2. eLessons
3. Collaboration
4. Formative assessment
5. Student tracking - use of D2L and grades in gradebook
2014 and beyond

Using technology as a tool to do the same traditional performances.

1. Replacing hand written reports with a typed Word document.
2. Replacing pencils and paper graphs with a online graphing making tool.
3. Instead of books using websites to gain information.
4. Instead of reading a work sheet watching a YouTube clip.

Using technology as a tool to do a performance similar to the traditional one but with minor functional improvements.

1. Instead of using an atlas to map a
using google maps label places
2. In place of a film clip using an
interactive app to learn about body
3. Instead of writing a report doing a
digital presentation, PowerPoint/Prezi.


We are all here to help you travel through to the final destination of redefinition of your curriculum.

Please come and talk to us about your journey.

You can book a time with any of the eLearning team through the BookIt system.

Using technology to allow for the creation of new performances previously inconceivable but are now possible due to technology.

Instead of getting students to write a research report on nutrition the students are now creating an
advertising campaign . The students as
part of this can use any medium to deliver
their message, animation, Apps, films,
posters, and leaflets.
The Journey

The elearning team are here to help you progress to the next level wherever you are in the journey.

The elearning team will be meeting with you, to help you implement technology integration into your curriculum.

The following slides are examples of what is already happening around the college, to inspire you in your progression.
Question to help the move forward
- Substitution
What will is the gain by replacing the older performance with a new technology enriched performance?
- Substitution to Augmentation
Have I added an improvement to the performance that uses technology which could not have been accomplished with the original performance?
Augmentation to Modification
How have I modified the original performance?
Does this modification fundamentally depend upon technology?
Modification to Redefinition
What is the new technology rich performance?
Has any of the original performance be retained?
How is the new performance uniquely made possible by the technolog
Using technology that allows for significant redesigning of performances to created new product(s),

1. Instead of writing a report students
create an animation.
2. Replacing a written biography with
the student filming a documentary of
a person life.
3. Instead of writing a story students
create digital storybooks
4. Instead of creating a brouche
students create Apps.

In 2014 eMentors will be conducting regular walkthroughs. The idea behind the walkthrough is to gain firsthand classroom information through observatio. These observations involve looking at teachers implementation of the SAMR principles. Afterward, a report of the findings will written, so management can have use the data to inform improvement, planning and goal setting for staff professional learning . Walkthroughs are not intended to evaluate individual teachers or even to identify them by name in the reports. Walk-throughs can last from 2 to 10 minutes. Observers may sometimes question students to find out what is happing in the lesson or how they are feeling about the use of technology.
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