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No description

Richard Buchanan

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Apple

Background cont.
Steve Jobs was rehired as an interim CEO in September 1997 1(11) and became new CEO in yr 2000 1(12)
Apple launched iPod in 2001(13)
iTunes store was opened in 2004 1(14) and iPhone was launched in 2007 1(15)
Products & Services Offered
• From 13" to 15"
• Price Range: from $1200 to $2700.
• The price difference comes from the Retina display option which is the highest quality graphics, colour and specs.

Apple computer was incorporated in April 1976 with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne as pioneer shareholders 3(1)
The company gradually expanded their products to include varieties such Apple Disks, Apple printer, software, technical and educational applications 1(2)
Apple Computer became the first personal computer company to earn $1billion in annual sales.
A new President (John Sculley) was hired in April 1983 to leverage his marketing expertise 1(4)
• Comes in both regular and mini sizes
• Price Range: $329 to $929
• Offered with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi with cellular
• Available with retina displays

• iPhone 5, 5s, 5c
• Multi-coloured, Black and White
• Price Range: $599 - $919
• Just released (within the last two weeks)

Product & Services Offered
• Available in shuffle, touch, Nano and classic
• Price Range: $49 - $399
• Capacity: 2GB to 160GB
• Red AIDS foundation iPods
• Multiple colours: black, white, silver, blue, green, pink, purple

Apple Care:
• Price Range: $29 - $379 depending on your product
• Covers technical support for 2 years (3 years for MacBook’s)
• Covers call center support for two years (3 years for MacBook’s)
• Covers 2 accidental damages

Genius Bar
• One on one face to face support
• Available in apple retail stores
• Must make reservation
• Free




Cara is a privately owned corporation (Reuters , 2013)
Cara operates 4 of the top 10 full service restaurant chains in Canada (Reuters , 2013)

Cara has high debt levels(Reuters , 2013)
Cara suffered reduced (Reuters , 2013)
There has been a decline in same restaurant sales among Cara banners (Reuters , 2013)
Cara has growth prospects (Reuters , 2013)
Countries outside of Canada
Building the brand for airline services

Other major fast food chains
The economy
Major investment by Cara’s competitor (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2013)

Sheridan College SWOT

Strong Brand Name, founded in 1967
High tech
Technologically advanced college
Brand new state of the art campus in Mississauga

High replacement costs
Potential maintenance issues
• More opportunities for students in programs such as graphic design
• New students who are knowledgeable in this field (international, high school students etc.)

• Possible theft
• Rise is cost due to advanced technology could make Sheridan less desirable while trying to compete with other Ontario schools

Cara Group
Sheridan College
Private Schools
TD Bank
Air Miles (Loyalty Group)
List of Prospects
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