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Cell Analogy: Hotel

No description

Sam Yi

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy: Hotel

Cell Analogy: Hotel
nucleus is like a manager because the nucleus is the main function controller of the cell, just like the manager who main function is to control the hotel and the employees.
Manager's assistant
Manager's assistant is like the nucleolus because the nucleolus creates ribosomes and the managers assistant look at all the new resumes and search for new people to hire. They also know the managers orders.
like a Boss!
The boss is like the lysosomes because they are the one that fires alll the unneeded workers just like lysosomes digest worn out organelles.
Plasma membrane
Hotel doors
plasma membrane is like the hotel doors because it picks what can enter the cell, just like the doors allow people to walk into the hotel.
Rough endoplasmic reticulum
chef's are like ribosomes because ribosomes makes protein cells lives on and the chef make the food that the hotel residents live on
hallways are like rough E.R. because its a path which molecule move from one part of the cell to another, like hallways are transport systems.
Smooth E.R.
Food cart
The golgi apparatus
smooth E.R. is like a food cart because it stores energy and transport lipids, just like a food cart that stores food and transport them.
Room service
Cell wall
golgi apparatus is like room service guy because he sorts and transport the foods to go to specific rooms just like the golgi apparstus sorts and packages.
Hotel walls
hotel walls are like cell walls because they keep unwanted things out and wanted things in.
A bed is like a mitochondria because a bed give you energy, and the mitochondria gives the cell energy.
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