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Two and a Half Men

No description

Brianna Joe-Love

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Two and a Half Men

A foil is a character who has the opposite traits of another character; the main character. Two and a Half Men Foil Charlie Harper Alan Harper Uptight Alan is living an anti-Charlie life; saving little by little and one girl at a time. Careless Serious Alcoholic Charlie Harper is the living meaning of YOLO. He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Our foil is based on Charlie and Alan Harper. Bachelor Laid-back Wasteful Stingy Cautious Hesitant Alan's past might be the reason for his lifestyle because 1:he's divorced, 2:he has a kid, and 3:even though he's a doctor, he's broke. Charlie writes jingles for a living, so that might explain his laid-backed and care-free lifestyle. Charlie ex.1: Foolish Female Psychiatrist: "Do you want to talk about your relationship problems?"
Charlie: "No."
Female Psychiatrist: "Your father?"
Charlie: "Dead."
Female Psychiatrist: "Your mother?"
Charlie: "She killed him."
Female Psychiatrist: "Do you want to tell me about that?"
Charlie: "I just did!"
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080830131606AAjROHk Alan ex: Alan: "The first thousand miles is the break-in period. You're not supposed to go over 65."
Charlie: "Well, then go 65."
Alan: "The speed limit is 60! You want me to get a ticket?"
Charlie: "Alan, you're driving an expensive red sports car. If you're not getting tickets and tail you might as well take the bus... which, by the way, just passed us."
http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Two_and_a_Half_Men#That_Old_Hose_Bag_Is_My_Mother_.5B2.22.5D Alan scolding Jake Charlie relaxing, drinking orange juice and watching T.V This is just 1 ex. of how opposites don't always attract. Charlie ex.2: Doctor: We have a saying in my country, "You can put a tuxedo on a goat, but it's still a goat. "
Charlie: Yeah, well, we have a saying in my country too,"Help me, my balls are on fire!" Alan: "Do me a favor and call Judith and tell her not to bring Jake over."
Charlie: "How come?"
Alan: "Look at me, Charlie! I have abrasions, contusions, a severely sprained neck, 2 fractured fingers, and I'm hopped up on pain pills. Does that spell "weekend dad" to you?"
Charlie: "Well, actually, to me it spells "weekend in Bangkok with 2 Olympic gymnasts". But that's a whole other story."
http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Two_and_a_Half_Men#Look_At_Me.2C_Mommy.2C_I.27m_Pretty_.5B5.16.5D Charlie and Alan ex: Do you think that you and your siblings could be foils?
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