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"Annabel Lee"

No description

Noelle Mc

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of "Annabel Lee"

by Edgar Allan Poe
What is an
acrostic poem?
"Annabel Lee"
to desire or want
An acrostic poem uses the letters in a topic word to begin each line.

All lines of the poem should relate to or describe the poem.
Ever with thee I wish to roam —
Dearest my life is thine.
Give me a cottage for my home
And a rich old cypress vine,
Removed from the world with its sin and care
And the tattling of many tongues.
Love alone shall guide us when we are there —
Love shall heal my weakened lungs;
And Oh, the tranquil hours we'll spend,
Never wishing that others may see!
Perfect ease we'll enjoy, without thinking to lend
Ourselves to the world and its glee —
Ever peaceful and blissful we'll be.
a vault in which a corpse is buried
"Annabel Lee"
hines brightly
p in the sky
ice and warm on my skin
This poem about the sun uses the letters in the word "sun" to begin each line.
An acrostic poem written by Poe's wife, Virginia, February 14, 1846
Let's try it!
Open your "Warmups" document.

Pause for a moment to think about the fun writing assignments given to you by your teacher!

Now, type out your first name - vertically - down your document like this:

If your first name is less than 5 letters, please add your middle or last name to the paper.

Remember, all lines of the poem should relate to or describe the topic. (That's you, by the way.)
Let's get started!
Possibly the last poem written by Poe
No one knows for sure who inspired the poem, but many guess that it was Poe's wife, Virginia Clemm.
Written in 1849, the same year Poe died
Published posthumously
occurring after someone's death
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