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boiling point elevation

No description

khayal alghalib

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of boiling point elevation

- to know if the solute will affect the boiling point of a solution .

- when you add solute to the solvent will it boil at the same temperature or we need to increase the temperature to make it boil.

- 100 ml of water

- beaker

- source of heat


- electronic balance

- thermometer
- put the water in the beaker

- make it boil

-measure the temperature and time

-bring another beaker of water with the same amount of volume.

- measure the mass of salt

- add it to the water

boil it with the same amount of heat and time.
- the beaker with water and salt required more time and temperature to boil .
-what happens to the boiling point of the solvent if more solute particles are added?

boiling point elevation
lab report
khayal al ghalib

- water is boiled under a specific amount of heat.When we added the solute ,salt,to the water,solvent, it required greater amount of temperature to boil.
- If you add more solute particles to the solvent,you will need more amount of temperature to cause the solvent to boil and soon evaporates.
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