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Fairuz Saba

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Enlightenment

Enlightenment Context Inspired by humanism. Spread across Europe (1500 - 1600) Reason and logic rather
than superstition or old theories Influence of the Ideas
spread by the Reformation Developed simultaneously in many European countries Started with a Scientific Revolution Scientific Discoveries Scientific Method A way of performing experiments. Observation Increased knowledge Changed the way people lived. Challenged the Church: Should everything be explained by reason? REPRESENTANTS Galileo Galilei Rene Descartes ¨I think, therefore I am¨ Nicolaus Copernicus Johannes Kepler Issac Newton During the Middle Ages people based their ideas on theories proposed almost a thousand years ago by Greek thinkers such as Aristotle. Most Europeans believed the earth was flat and at the center of the universe. In 1600s the Scientific Revolution spread throughout Europe and combined with innovations and new technology created a new way of life that will remain strong during the Modern Times. NEW IDEAS Natural law A law whose content is set by nature, therefore is universal. Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Natural Right Consequence of the natural law. They are life, liberty and state. John Locke Father of Liberalism What is Liberalism? Limited government
and freedom of the individual Social Contract
Theory Rousseau Voltaire Montesquieu Father of Romanticism
XVIII ¨The Social Contract¨ Man is born free and
everywhere he is in chains How to organize the
political community? Enlightened thinkers.
Followers of Rousseau´s ideas about liberty. Influenced the French and
American Revolutions
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