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Virgin Atlantic

No description

sam blunsdon

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Virgin Atlantic

Your cabin crew are

Sam, Alex, Jack, Nadim and Ozge

Quick safety briefing
Our mission
Our mission statement is simple, yet the foundation of everything we do here at Virgin Atlantic Airways...to embrace the human spirit and let it fly,

History of Virgin
In 1970 Richard Branson founded Virgin as a mail order record retailer, and not long after he opened a record shop in Oxford Street, London.
Virgin Atlantic Airways, formed in 1984, is now the second largest British long haul international airline service.
By the end of the decade we had flown over 1 million passengers and started shaking up services onboard by being the first airline to offer individual TVs to their business class passengers.
Virgin Atlantic were the first to offer individual TV screens and a choice of channels to passengers in all classes in 1991.
Virgin Atlantic has carried around 53m passengers since it began operations and now employs almost 9000 people worldwide.

Virgin Atlantic Airways has become Britain’s second largest carrier serving the world’s major cities
Virgin Atlantic has enjoyed huge popularity, winning top business, consumer and trade awards from around the world.
Virgin Atlantic was developed as an offshoot of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, which was better known at the time as a leading light in the world of pop and rock music. On 22 June 1984 Virgin’s inaugural flight to Newark took place, a flight filled with friends, celebrities and the media. The airline’s aim was simple: “To provide the highest quality innovative service at excellent value for money for all classes of air travellers”.

Virgin Atlantic
As he reveals in a new film put together by HP Matter, it all came after getting stuck in Puerto Rico while trying to get to the British Virgin Islands. 
“They didn’t have enough passengers to warrant the flight, so they cancelled the flight” he explains.
“I had a beautiful lady waiting for me in BVI and I hired a plane and borrowed a blackboard and as a joke I wrote Virgin Airlines on the top of the blackboard, $39 one way to BVI. I went out round all the passengers who had been bumped and I filled up my first plane.” 
After that, Richard decided that he was fed up with airlines that didn’t care about their passengers and he wanted to do something about it. A phone call to Boeing to find out if they had any 747s for sale and an airline was born.

Why Start Virgin Atlantic
Virgin describe their culture as a "family“, This family culture allows virgin to work as a community rather than a organisation.
Organisational culture within Virgin Atlantic has been found as creative, fun and non-conformist.
Virgin believe that the employees are the biggest force in the organization and are giving a huge amount of respect throughout all management.
He believes if you treat your staff like the smart and capable adults they are – and give them choice to make informed decisions – you will cultivate an environment in which everyone can flourish.

Organisational Culture
Culture is quite relaxed and positive
Branson encourages the staff
Branson’s charismatic style is the most used in the UK
Proud of the British culture

Influences of the national culture on the organizational behavior
Influences of the national culture on the organizational behavior
Organizational culture in Virgin is quite relaxed and positive as a result of Bransons approach to leadership
He engages himself in writing his staff letters to make them feel that they mean a lot to the company
Sir Branson's leadership style is rather casual which is very common in the UK

Type of leadership :
Richard Branson
Has a lot of charisma
His organizational power is a mix of two things :
Reward power
Referent power (status of celebrity)
He applies his beliefs to the company’s culture
He is not afraid to delegate, is confident in his employees skills
He says that innovation is key so any idea is subject to listening

How we embrace English culture in our operations
All of our passengers can enjoy afternoon tea which is served during every Virgin Atlantic flight.
There is a reason behind everything we do, even naming our planes, a lot of those names, in some way reflect on the English culture. some of them include:
English Rose
Lady Penelope
Ruby Murray
Miss England

Type of leadership :
Richard Branson
Acquired a status of celebrity thanks to his non business life
Broke several records
Created Virgin Galactic
Gives a lot of interviews to the media, and inspiring quotes
He is a known philanthropist, and is financing Virgin Fuel. (a biofuel)

Organizational values
Virgin Atlantic has successfully used branding to develop perceptions of a corporate personality, offering a unique combination of service elements and attributes, which serve to set themselves apart from the competition.
The foremost brand value created by Virgin Atlantic is for providing the best possible service at the best possible value at all times.
The greatest advert for Virgin is probably Richard Branson. Virgin’s brand values emanate from him.
According to Richard Branson...
“A brand name that is known internationally for innovation, quality and a sense of fun is what we have always aspired to with Virgin.”

East coast USA destinations:
-Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, New York, Orlando, Washington
West coast USA destinations:
-Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco
Africa destinations:
-Johannesburg, Lagos
Asia destinations:
-Delhi, Hong Kong, Shanghai
Caribbean destinations:
-Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Havana, Jamaica, St Lucia, Tobago
Mexico destinations:
Middle East:

Virgin Atlantic Destinations
Now based at both London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports, it operates long haul services to thirty destinations world-wide as far apart as Las Vegas and Shanghai.
Virgin Atlantic offers three classes of travel - Upper class, Premium Economy and Economy all with award-winning inflight entertainment.

What Virgin Atlantic offers
Average Ticket return price: £500
A choice of 3 complimentary meals, a free amenity kit, our award winning blockbuster entertainment, a free newspaper from London and Manchester, as well as extra legroom options for a more roomy journey.
Our flights have all you need to keep your young ones entertained. K-iD backpacks bursting with goodies, a kid's channel on the seat-back TV, plus tasty child meals created especially for them by celeb chef Lorraine Pascale.

Economy class
Economy class sample menu
-Orzo pasta saladA deliciously light pasta with a nutty texture makes this salad special
Main meal
-Beef burgundyA traditional French recipe. Chunky lean beef in a rich red wine and red onion sauce.With root vegetables and mustard mash.
-Spanish style chickenTender breast of chicken. With a juicy tomato sauce and fragrant vegetable rice
-Veggie bolognese (V)Nutritious soy pieces in a rich bolognese sauce. Topped with shaved Italian cheese.A filling vegetarian option.
Served with fresh bread
-Gü PudPure indulgence. Let yourself go.
Served with your choice of tea or coffee.
Afternoon tea
-Enjoy a West Country Cheddar and Double Gloucester with Spring onion mayo wrap, or a Virgin -Club wrap with chicken, bacon and sweet chilli mayo. Tyrells Plane crisps and a delicious home made Brodericks bar. Yum yum.
-Served with your choice of tea or coffee
For allergen information, please refer to your crew.

Average Ticket return price: £1000
Dedicated check in and bag drops, fast track. priority boarding and where possible, bags will be one of the first off the plane when we arrive.
Leather seat, one of the biggest in its class. It’s up to 21in (over 53cm) wide, with a footrest, headrest and 38in (over 96cm) seat pitch. 
Inseat power means and onboard WiFi
Choose from three delicious main meals, upgraded with china crockery, cutlery and linen. Then depending on the time of day, a hot breakfast or light meal.
Inflight entertainment system (Vera), with over 300 hours of the latest and greatest award winning entertainment to choose from.
Our cabin crew greet you with a complimentary drink and newspaper while you settle in.
On our night flights, you'll be given a Premium Economy amenity kit in a smart wallet in trademark purple, containing all the essentials you’ll need for a great flight.
Premium Economy passenger enjoy the luxury of selecting your seat from 336 days before your flight, free of charge.

Economy premium
-White radish and mixed leaf saladCrunchy, nutty salad leaves with the light pepper punch of white radish. With a herb dressing.
Main Course:
-Seasonal beef stewFull of fresh seasonal vegetables and juicy beef chunks, this is a hearty family favourite. With green beans and horseradish dumplings.
-Fragrant chicken noodlesTender chicken pieces mixed with egg noodles infused with a creamy coconut and lime sauce.
-Roasted squash risotto (V)Butternut squash roasted with sage, blended with a silky cheese risotto.
-Your choice of oven-baked bread rolls.
-Cappucino mousse. Indulgent coffee and chocolate mousse on a light sponge base.
-Crackers with mild Chedder cheese
-Liqueur service to end your meal perfectly.
And for later:
Afternoon tea:
-Enjoy cheese and tomato chutney finger sandwiches,Tyrells Plane Crisps and a delicious home made Brodericks bar. Yum yum.Served with tea or coffee
For allergen infomation, please ask the crew.

-Selected by our Master of Wine at Berry Bros. & Rudd, to offer you the highest standards of authenticity and excellence.
-Woody Cape Chenin, Chardonnay and ViognierFrom the Western Cape in South Africa this is a traditional blend giving a well-rounded but refreshing glass of wine. Delicate white fruits with a clean finish, ideal on its own or with white meats and lighter dishes.
-Vondeling Merlot/ Cabernet SauvignonThis Bordelais blend from the Vondeling Estate in the Paarl region of South Africa is smooth and rewarding, brimming with red summer fruits. Ideal as an aperitif and with more robust dishes.
-We also offer mini bottles of Gardet Brut Premier Cru Champagne, so you can toast your journey or celebrate a special occasion. Just ask a crew member for details.

Economy premium class sample menu
Average Ticket return price: £5000
We take the stress out of traveling to and from the airport with our chauffeur driven car service at both ends of your journey.
If you're flying from London Heathrow T3, you can enjoy a streamlined serene start to your journey from our unique Upper Class Wing. After the personalised, dedicated check in, you'll beat the queues and whizz through our Private Security Channel. Which means there's more time to make the most of our award winning Clubhouse.
Whichever of our worldwide Clubhouses you're enjoying, when it's time to fly we'll let you know. Then you can just take your place onboard. With a generous leather seat that flips niftily into one of the longest flat beds in any business class, plus the space to relax, talk and enjoy delicious food and drink, we've got your next few hours covered

Upper class
New Menu
-The new Upper Class menu is the best way to discover exactly what we’ve got in store for you during your flight. You’ll find your menu on your ottoman when you board, or, if time allows, our crew will hand it to you when they come round to introduce themselves once we’ve taken off.
Pre-Dinner Drinks Service:
-Then it’s time for the pre-dinner drinks service, with all your old favourites served in our brand new glassware. Plus there’s a new choice - our regularly changing signature cocktail. We’ve always been famous for our cocktails, and now you can enjoy our special selection onboard too.
Dining Elegance:
-The meal service boasts a number of new features including a modern table setting using designer linen and elegant, specially designed crockery and cutlery. For dinner, the Upper Class menu offers a delicious selection of hot and cold cuisine and delectable desserts. There’s also a choice of fine wine, plus cheese and port to finish your meal.
-When we start serving your meal, you’ll notice the quality of our food has been enhanced with a delicious, improved selection of produce. There are also a few special surprises, but we’re going to save those until you get onboard.
Graze Menu:
-We’ve replaced the Freedom menu with our new Graze menu, available on selected flights. If you’re not really in the mood for a full meal, the Graze menu offers a range of substantial hot and cold snacks you can order to your seat whenever you like.

Upper class sample menu
Virgin emergency quiz!!!!
Which of these is our mission statement?
a) Our mission statement is simple, yet the foundation of everything we do here at...to embrace the human spirit and let it fly.

c) At …we are committed to exceed the expectations of our valuable customers and stake holders by building a First Choice Airline.

b) … wants to become the most customer centric, innovative and efficient European network carrier. By merging with …has come to occupy a leading position in the international airline industry.

How many destinations does Virgin Atlantic fly to?
a) 22
b) 32
c) 42
d) 52
Who does Virgin have a joint venture with?
a) Singapore airlines
b) Delta airlines
c) Qantas airlines
What are the 3 classes of a virgin flight?
Which of these are names of virgin planes?
a) English Rose
b) Lady Penelope
c) Ruby Murray
d) Miss England
When was Virgin Atlantic founded?
a) 1880
b) 1882
c) 1884
d) 1888
Time to enjoy a quick refreshment break
Fasten your seat belts, sit back and hold on as the plane is currently going through some turbulence!
Delta Air Lines have acquired a 49 per cent stake in Virgin Atlantic, following the merger being given the green light by both the European Commission and the U.S Department of Justice.
The airlines will also be embarking on a codeshare agreement across 108 routes, with 91 Delta routes and 17 Virgin Atlantic routes being opened up for customers of both airlines to use their SkyMiles and Flying Club loyalty points on.
Our codeshare agreement with Delta Air Lines was first launched in June 2013.

Delta and virgin
Johari Window
Branson’s celebrity status
Number of flights and destinations
The quality of the customer service
Use of Virgin brand
The innovation
Branson sold a 49% stake to Delta Airlines

The Virgin Fuel can give them a cost advantage if it’s a success
Even in times of economic recession, other Virgin brands can help the company.
Important potential for growth in new developing markets.

Can be too expensive
Some people have never seen a Virgin Atlantic plane

Fluctuations in the economy and the price of oil.
Very aggressive competition

Cultural Profile
“My parents taught me not to criticise people, to always look for the best in people, to be a good listener and to throw yourself wholeheartedly into life” (Richard Branson)
Richard Branson is a self made entrepreneur, the above is reflected in his business today as he has instilled his staff with high self motivation, inspiring them to strive for the best and get results.

Where does the culture come from
Staff will feel more valued and their loyalty to virgin will be higher, this in turn can lead to better work quality which is particularly important in a business where we are providing a service.

Virgin operate in many countries and will encounter many languages, cultures and religions. Its important to understand these as not understanding and respecting them can lead to unhappy customers and a loss of business.

Why is it Important to look into culture

Virgin operate in many countries and provide a language programme for all the countries they operate in. This will lead to more comfortable passengers and may even prompt them to use the business again.

Virgin focus themselves on forming an international skill base, multi-language team and strong cultural insight and knowledge. It gives them a critical ability to explain the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ with the customer.

How does virgin meet cultural needs
Meal choices
In-flight entertainment
Flight attendants native language
Tone of voice
Volume of speech
Body language

Cultural issues
Virgin consulted Intersperience- research consumer specialist
Changes such as new cultural awareness training
New flight menus
New in-flight entertainment

Managing the issues
CV and covering letter
Assessment centres involving:
Behavioural/Biographical interview
Group Discussions
Role Plays
Ability tests
Pre-employment screening

How to apply for virgin
Wine training
Cabin safety training
Customer Service Training
Academy of Engineering Training

Types of Virgin Atlantic training
Create your own Virgin package:
2 teams, one package each
Things to include:
Price of tickets
What flight classes will be involved and what perks you get in each one
Food menu
Why you chose this package and your location

Are strongly linked to Branson’s values, and are:
Innovation (first to have individual TV in economy…)
Fun: most of the employees are happy and have fun at the workplace
Based on a culture of service: the satisfaction of both employees and the customers are the core.

Core Values
Virgin and Branson use the mutual benefit organizational model
It has a management board, that is possible to reach for any employee, manager or not.
Branson doesn’t hesitate to contact directly his employees in case of a problem (ie. Pilots threatening to strike)

Workplace culture
Thank you for flying with Virgin Atlantic, we hope to see you on board our flight again.

Head offices in Crawley
The Office
The Base
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