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Slanting an 'Even' Story

No description

kristy french

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of Slanting an 'Even' Story

What does 'slanting' a story look like? Well, let's start with a simple event and see what happens when we slant it.
Dog barks. Man kicks dog. Dog bites man.
Objective example (not slanted): John Smith was walking down the street Friday night at 10 PM when a dog barking annoyed him. When he kicked the dog in an attempt to quiet the dog, it bit Mr. Smith on the leg, requiring medical attention.
Slanted example: John Smith was minding his own business, trying to enjoy a peaceful walk down the street when a vicious dog attacked him, sending him to the hospital.
And, even more slant added!: Police in ... town report that the incidence of men attacking dogs has increased to unacceptable levels and dog ownership must be banned immediately ...
More slanted!: Police in ... town report that the incidence of dog attacks has increased to unacceptable levels and more police officers are needed to control the
problem ...
And then again (not at all objective!): The governor has stated that he will sponsor a law to have all dogs de-barked after reports of...
More "spin" added: The RSPCA say that the number of people leaving their dogs tied up with nothing to do, ... or eat, ... or drink ... is unacceptable. This only leads to the dogs calling for attention ....
It often rears its ugly head.
Here's the simplest version of the story:
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