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Dual Tone Multi-Frequency

Digital Signal Processing

Park sangwoo

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Dual Tone Multi-Frequency

Digital Signal Processing Dual Tone Multi-Frequency Signaling DTMF (Touch-Tone®) Objective Design and simulate a DTMI transmitter system via MATLAB's GUIDE Transmitter GUI Signal Duration ITU and AT&T standard - min. 40ms + 40ms inter- digit It is a telecommunication signaling technique used in analog telephony Each button is a
combination of
two pure sinusoidal
signals Produce DTMI tones Duration of the signal *Simulate a signal recovery on the switching station's side ANSI - inter-digit interval = 45ms,
50 ms pulse duration, 100 ms duty cycle no less than 70 ms Keypress functions Receiver Must only accept
peak signals above 55 dB interval The receiver must correctly detect and decode DTMF despite the presence of dial-tone, must be at least -6 dB below the low-group frequency signal strength for correct digit detection. Source: http://nemesis.lonestar.org/reference/telecom/signaling/dtmf.html Source: http://nemesis.lonestar.org/reference/telecom/signaling/dtmf.html GUI Dial tone
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