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Clear definition of service/social issues/target users

Howard Rheingold's course on virtual community and social media.

Online Gaming

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Clear definition of service/social issues/target users

Active inquiry Skillful use of online media Reflection Equips students to Use social media to work collaboratively Reflect on their use of media Social Issues
Entertainment Target/Potential users Addictive nature Targetting customer needs Virtual community & real life Virtual community & real life Virtual community & real life Virtual community & real life Virtual community & real life Virt Online game companies develop diverse types of online games considering the extension of the age of online game users, the growth of users, and the diversification of the users

Virtual community & real life needs
Main difference between online game and offline games

Online games have associated with online communities, making online
games more of a form of social activity, beyond single player games. Negative Positive Meet a lot of new people social aspect of the gaming having fun with other people at the same time Time mismanagement Developed for male and female separately

much commitment than casual video games
Main Purpose? Online Game No need to meet up in an arcarde No need to bring an extra controller to your friends house This is the transition where we're moving into this "synthetic world". People
aren't moving there physically, but the amount of time and attention that we have is moving there in very large amount of quantities very very rapidly. 1977
Over 50 million people play an MMORPG When subscribben to online games, they are given real life rewards (coupons for cosmetics productcs , shopping etc.) Neglecting the very aspects of their daily life; affecting health, job, real social environment For Example... Lineage
Shining Lore
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