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How Globalization Affects my Life

No description

Micheal Jackson

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of How Globalization Affects my Life

How Does Globalization affect My
Life - I buy games that come from Japan Like my Swap magic 3 Coder
- I own clothes that were made in China
- I go to businesses that come from the USA
- I wake up and eat cereals that came from China
- I Listen to music that came from US singers like system of the Down Economic Globalization - I Chat with Friends on FaceBook
- I Play Games with Family Online on Australian Contacts
- I Phone Family in Victoria
- I Skype My Friends in Australia Social Globalization - I watch the crime count on the news
- I hear the Radio talk about the riot in Egypt
- My friends tell men about the new no cell phone while driving law
- I hear the government kicked out the Iran diplomats Political Globalization - My Family is Canadian/Australian
- My Culture is Christianity
- My Grand Parents are Australian Christian
- I live by Canadian Customs Wearing heavy clothing, warm boots, and a hood
- People always try to change my religion
- My Family only speaks English Historical Globalization Me and my Family are affected positively by globalization because we have new vehicles to drive to church cell phones to talk to family across the globe and internet site to chat with friends. Also it has positively affected how my family survives in winter so we buy heavy clothes so we don't get cold in Winter.
But the most important thing way it has affected us is that we can get more info on our culture of the internet . Impact of Globalization on Me
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