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Lighting Design & Fixtures

No description

Bailey Kilty

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of Lighting Design & Fixtures

Lighting Design & Fixtures
Size and Placement Within the Room
wattage and Brightness
Different Wattage for Different Rooms and uses
Different Bulbs- where they should be used or why they are picked over others
Dimmers- why they are benifical
Three Things to Look For...
1. overhead Lighting
2. Size of the light and placement within the room
3. Wattage and Brightness
Overhead Lighting
Benifits it has on the room:
Mood and Atmosphere
Placement can make a difference.
Five types
Flush Mount Lighting
recessed Lights
Track Lights
These fixtures fit flush to the ceiling
are generally found in small rooms
illuminate entire room
Very popular
Applies to fixtures suspended from a chain, or a cord
Includes Chandeliers
Often over Tables, or counter tops
Often found in rooms with tall ceilings
slide each fixture
spotlight/ emphasis
Different Usage - Different Wattage

40- 60

Silver Bowl-
Softens the Light
Soft Pink-
Mood Lighting
Round Candelabra-
Modern Chandelier
Rustic Glow
Change of mood
Found in Dinning room, Living room, and Bedrooms
Not just used for overhead
Often Save energy
Main source of lighing in a room, coming or suspending from the ceiling or walls
Hang down a foot or so fromthe ceiling
short enought for head clearance
has more charm or personality than standard
found in kitchens, dinning rooms, and sometimes bathrooms
embedded into the ceiling
excellent for low ceilings
usually have dimming options
fills room with even amounts of light
found in basements, kitchens, hallways, living rooms, and most commercial buildings
the Size and Placement of a fixture can have a dramatic effect on a room
Things to take into consideration:
Mood it creates
evenness of the effect and its relation
bedside Lamp
Bottom Shade little above eye level
16-18 from top of mattress
Lamp approximently 26-28 Inches tall
Kitchen Pendants

head clearance without obstructing view
36-48 off counter top
12-15 inches in from edge of counter top
Dining-Room Chandelier

1/2 to 3/4 width of table
Larger will have effects from shadows
36=48 above table
Effect on mood
Bathroom Sconces

mount on both sides of the mirror
36-48 inches apart
even illumination
approximately 60-64 inches off the ground
By Bailey Kilty and Haley Scherr
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