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Adelaide Hall

No description

Maddie Coutts

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Adelaide Hall

Maddie Coutts Adelaide Hall Thesis Statement Adelaide Hall was important to the Harlem Renaissance because she brought musical theater to African American culture. Birth and Parents Adelaide was born on October 20, 1901. She was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her father was a music teacher. Early Life Adelaide and her sister began singing in choirs at early ages. She began singing more professionally, peforming a duet with Arthur Porter and singing at a club in New York. Influences Her influences were.. Valaida Snow
Josephine Baker
Florence Mills
Edith Wilson
Eubie Blake
Duke Ellington Beginning Her Career Adelaide began her career by singing with different choirs and traveling to Europe with the Chocolate Kiddies. Famous Works Some of Adelaide's songs included "You Give Me Everything But Love", "That Old Feeling" and the muscials she was known for, "Shuffle Along" and "Runnin Wild". Rivalries Josephine Baker was always known as Adelaide's rivalry for leading African American female entertainer. Different Titles Through Adelaide's career, she had many different titles, such as being famous for musical theater, and being a jazz pianist. Radio Series After the war, Adelaide had her own radio series. She performed "Kiss Me Kate" in 1951, "Love From Judy" in 1952, and "Someone To Talk To" in 1956. Adelaide was very successful on two continents, Europe and the U.S, which was hard for female entertainers to be at the time. Interesting Facts Adelaide also opened many clubs in France and England, such as The Big Apple in Paris, The Florida Club in London and The Calypso in London. Interesting Facts pt. 2 Adelaide made a one woman show, which she toured for in 1977. She made England her home after starting a tour there. Death Adelaide died on November 7, 1993. Legacy Adelaide left behind a legacy of following your dreams. The gift that she gave to African American culture was bringing them into musical theater. Personal Refelection I learned that Adelaide Hall has made much more of an impact to my life than I've expected. With my love of musical theater, she can be someone to look up to, with her bravery and talent. Bibliography "Adelaide Hall." Notable Black American Women. N.p.: Gale, 1992. N. pag.
Biography in Context. Web. 1 May 2013. <http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/
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