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Chosin Music

No description

Ryan McVaigh

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Chosin Music

Creating music since the age of thirteen, nineteen year old Daniel Batista, under the stage name “Chosin”, has established his place as an authentic artist with a bright future in hip-hop culture. His passion for music, combined with his love for poetry, has allowed him to create songs that people can relate to while maintaining the integrity of his unique sound. Characterized by his smooth flow armored with strong, creative lyrics, he has been broadening his musical impact beyond his hometown in upstate New York. An enthralling performer and exceptional lyricist, Chosin has developed an ever-growing fan base in heavy anticipation of his upcoming projects.
Chosin’s music is made distinguishable by his use of clever lyricism and storytelling ability that allows his listeners to take a front seat witnessing events in his life unfold. He strays from the now-familiar songs dealing with drugs, sex, and money, and chooses to focus on outlining his dreams, goals, and life experiences to help his music stand prominently different among the crowd. He is also proud to promote his music as “clean” and free from both vulgarity and foul language.
His recent mix tape, My Potential, allowed him to demonstrate his diverse talents on the microphone and enabled him to play at various venues in the northeast. Songs off of this first mix tape have resonated with his fans and have stood as staples of his musical abilities.
The track, “Other Guys” impressively and fluently recounts his own experience with the universally felt pain of being cheated on during his long-term relationship. However, he does not fail to show his respect to women with “Slow Down”, a song geared towards boosting self-esteem and self-respect among young women in this generation - a generation that he feels has been “bogged down with so much content about getting messed up and using girls.” With content that he holds dear and feels the world needs to hear, he continues to mature as an artist polishing his style in aspiration that the masses will listen to his message.
A familiar name in venues such as Putnam Den (Saratoga Springs, NY), Northway Church (Clifton Park, NY), and at his University of Vermont campus (Burlington, VT), Chosin has proven himself to be not only talented with words, but also a gifted performer capable of moving crowds.
Biggest Moment
What he feels was one his biggest moments in music thus far was his entrance in the 2012 Battle of the Hip-Hop Stars at the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY. He was one of seventeen other artists from the capital region to join in this contest and although apprehensive about the entrance, he put all of his money that he had in the bank towards a spot in the competition. After three songs in three separate rounds of judging, he was selected as one of the top three finalists and went on to win the competition due to the massive crowd support. To this day he cherishes this moment and the title that he earned as the “Best Hip-Hop Artist in New York” in 2012.
New Projects
Chosin has begun work on a new project, “Summer Memoirs” where the first single off the mix tape, “Hell of a Day”, has already created a stir among hip hop aficionados
“It’s really difficult to pick just a few stand out tracks. But in my opinion, the best ones are “For Me”, “Win”, “Other Guys”, “This is my Game” “Stay with Me”, and “Slow Down”.

" “Hell of a Day” has the most commercial/mass appeal."

“He’s definitely a world class rapper with massive potential. His flow is insane. The beats are sick. He fits in really well with what’s going on in hip-hop right now. He’s giving me that Kendrick Lamar/J. Cole thing, with a bit of Travis McCoy…plus he’s a great storyteller who oozes personality... I really have nothing negative to say about him…pretty sure he’s about to blow up at some point!”

Industry Opinion
Chosin continues to perform at local venues in upstate New York and is scheduled to perform as an act in the Allentown, PA Vanguard Festival in August 2014.
Although he has been blessed with success and a very receptive fan base, Chosin continues to stay humble and work towards making better music to appeal to different crowds. Balancing college, an internship, and his ever-growing adoration for music, Chosin has shown consistency in being able to handle what is on his plate attributing his successes to his family, friends, and above all: God. In pursuit of his dream he remains diligent in all aspects of his life and is always working on new material to help tell his story. A story that he feels “should be shared with the world”.
Track: Other Guys
Track: Slow Down
Track: Intro (My Potental)
Track: Win
Track: Hell of a Day
Track: Hard Rock Cafe
Track: Popular
Track: For Me
"Pick Me" is the second single of his upcoming next mixtape, "Summer Memoirs". It is currently available for purchase on iTunes.
Track: This My Game
Track: Stay With Me
Chosin's music is available for stream or download at soundcloud.com/chosin

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Listen to his latest interview at


Manager: Stacey McVaigh

Company: McVaigh Artist Development and Management

Email: mcvaighadm@outlook.com
Recent Activity
In October 2013, Chosin was selected as one of 27 finalist out of thousands of submissions to perform live at “The #1 Hip-Hop Showcase in the Tri-State” in New York City on November 11, 1013. After securing the title as the best hip-hop artist in Upstate New York, Chosin was pumped to take on his Downstate counterparts from several different states and Canada to ultimately earn the title as the best hip-hop artist in the tri-state area. A challenge he felt he is more than prepared for, he was selected as the best performer from his group and finished the showcase in the top three overall. Never discouraged, Chosin is prepared to demonstrate his talent at several other showcases in the near future
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