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CSSD Dares to Make a Difference

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Altus Schools

on 5 January 2017

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Transcript of CSSD Dares to Make a Difference

CSSD Dares to Make a Difference
At CSSD, our Pathways program ensures that each student has a clear goal in mind for their post-graduation plans. Our Naviance Family Connection web-based program uses a combination of interest and personality type surveys that identify a student's strengths and help each student explore career options that may work best for them. Our unique program allows you to research different options, including four year universities, community colleges, work place readiness, and military prospects. Our experienced counselors and teachers guide students each step of the way. Pathways puts meaning into school work by providing a clear, personalized vision for the future.
Set Up For Success
Between a student's PPEP and their selected Pathway, teachers and counselors are able to guide every CSSD student to a course for future success. As course progress and goals for the future change, students can meet with their counselors to update their PPEP to meet their current and future needs.
At CSSD, we pride ourselves on meeting students where they are. We are proud to serve and teach students of all achievement levels and backgrounds, and it is our goal to set each one on a path to success.
CSSD is committed to improving the quality of life for students, their families, and the community at large.
A Tuition-Free, Public School with Personalized Education
The Charter School of San Diego is a charter school. Like all public schools in California, CSSD is tuition-free, open to all students, and held accountable to state and federal standards.
CSSD has been serving student, family, and community needs in
San Diego for 20 years.
The University Model
Students at CSSD are uniquely prepared for life after high school with the university model of coursework. Students finish one to two courses every 3-4 weeks.

CSSD is proud to offer safe and supportive environments that are conducive to learning.
Neighborhood Resource Centers
When in the Resource Center, students can expect one-on-one help from their teacher to answer questions about their studies or introduce new material. Any student can take any course, and Resource Centers are designed for quiet, focused study. Teachers are always available by email for days students do not go into the Resource Center. Teachers often schedule field trips and guest speakers to allow students to take advantage of our unique educational experience.
Which Pathway Will You Choose?
Four-Year University
Community College
Vocational Training
Building Your Personalized Education Plan
CSSD counselors look at the academic credits of new students and compare them to the requirements of the student's goal credits. The counselor will talk to the student and his or her parent about their goals, learning style, test scores, and current interests to help them build a unique schedule customized to their needs.

This schedule of courses and strategy for success is called a
Pathways Personalized Education Plan
CSSD is an Altus Network Charter School
The Altus Schools share the philosophy of putting students first in education. The schools focus on improving student achievement, creating prototypes for education reform, and improving the quality of life for students, their families, and their communities. Learn more about Altus Schools at www.altus4u.com.
Unlike traditional schools, CSSD is able to offer a personalized educational plan with one-on-one attention from teachers.
Since 1994, Altus Schools have served over 35,000 students in 5 Southern California counties.
Altus Schools awarded 750 high school diplomas to students during the 2013-2014 year.
At CSSD, kids come first. Education at CSSD is personalized, individualized, and high quality. Each student receives an education custom-built to their future goals, academic interests, and personal strengths. At CSSD, we are transforming lives.

For more information,
At the Core
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