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Online Safety with Adventure Time

No description

give cakes

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Online Safety with Adventure Time

Online Safety with Adventure Time :

Adventure Time Cast

BMO's Quest
Do's and Don'ts
Told by BMO and Ice King

Told by Lumpy Space Princess
Research indicates that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys will be sexually victimized before adulthood.

Approximately one in seven youth online (10 to 17-years-old) received a sexual solicitation or approach over the Internet.
• Child predators often hang out on social networking, gaming and chat sites to try to find their victims.
About 28 percent have had a stranger contact them through an online channel.
• About 32 percent of kids in their teens hide their browsing history from their parents or guardians to try to prevent them from seeing which sites they visit.
About 11 percent of teens report knowing how to turn off parental controls, which you can use to block certain types of Web content.
There was once a legendary robot whose gaming powers were so extreme that even thee cannot defeat and this hero shall be named BMO.
One day, BMO received an unexpected letter. The letter was sealed and felt cold as she opened the letter carefully. Inside the letter was a lock of Bubblegum’s hair. And inside was a note saying :
"Come and find me at the Candy Kingdom…"
So BMO went to the Princess Bubblegum’s castle to find that Princess Bubblegum was held against her wield,by the horrendous Ice King. The brave and glorious BMO went up to the Ice King and said, "How did thee find the beautiful young maiden?" and with that being said the Ice King replied with "I found her online, with that beautiful picture of her smiling face on her profile. Once I found her profile, I was able to track down her location."
told by

Cyber bullying
Told by Finn and Jake
Cyber bullying is when somebody discriminates you online.

People who get cyber bullied are more likely to consider suicide.
Cyber bullies think that it is easier to bully someone online rather then doing it in real life.
If you get cyber bullied don't reply the hate comments instead just ignore it and block the user or tell someone.
If it gets too far a bully victim can get mental illnesses such as depression.
Due to cyber bullying, the victims will often lose their confidence and have low self esteem.
With Princess Bubblegum
After learning how the Ice King found her, Princess Bubblegum learned that she should never share personal information online ever again. Especially to people she was not sure she knew. She thanked BMO and gave him a magical sword crafted by her candy people made from Ooo's best material.
Presented by Marceline
Your identity would not be stolen
They won't have access to your personal information
You won't be forced to do things that you don't want to do
People won't be able to track you down

Online Scams
Told by Peppermint Butler
Common Online Scams
Phisher scams
Nigerian Scams

Phisher Scam
A phisher scam is when you receive an email of from a financial Institution asking you to click on the link that will direct you to the website.
Scammers do this to trick you into giving personal information such as account numbers or password. To what you think is a legit company.
They will create a look a like website that resembles the actual company website and typically the email is the bait
Example of a Phisher Scam
Thank you from the

Nigerian Scams
It is called that because the first wave of it came from Nigeria but it can come from anywhere around the world.
(also known as 419 scam)
You would receive a letter, email or fax asking for your help to access a foreign bank account, and for helping them you would get a percentage of the money.
If you respond you would be asked for a high amount of fees to help the process once you are deep into the scam.
They will use different stories to why they need your help and initiating in this scam can make you a victim for identity theft
Lottery Scams

Example of a Nigerian Scam
For this scam you would receive an email, letter or fax saying you have won a large sum of money in an international lottery you have never bought a ticket for.
Once you get deeper into the scam, they would then ask for your personal information. This will then lead to identity theft.
Personal information they would ask would be your bank details, saying they would directly give you the money into your bank account.
Unfortunately instead they will use it to empty your account.
Example of a Lottery Scam
Tips on Avoiding Internet Scams
Tips to avoid Internet Scams
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