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Brayden Salas

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Alamo

What is the Alamo Used For?
Pictures of the Alamo
The Alamo was used as a fortress twice. The first time it was used was to defend from Indian attacks and second was the Battle of Alamo. The Alamo was used a fortress. The Alamo was originally built as a chapel in San Antonio. The Alamo was also used for industrial trade school.
The Alamo
By:Isaiah Harris, Raymond Black, Brayden Salas, and Jamien Chee
The Spanish Empire built the Alamo in 1774
The Alamo is about 30 feet high and 60 feet in width
The Spanish owned Texas
The Alamo was called Mission San Antonio de Valero
The first buildings in the Alamo was made of sticks and straws
It was blown apart in a hurricane in 1724
Like other spanish mission there was a open yard surrounded by a tall stone wall
The priests lived in a two story Convento.
Caddos were native americans who lived in the missions who learned the skills and everything.
Before coming to the missions the Caddos had wandered freely to hunt for food
More Facts
The Spanish workers built a presidio which is a strong building where soldiers stayed to protect the people in the area
Less than 40 caddos lived in the mission and many of them died from disease
The soldiers named the place after their hometown EL Alamo, Mexico and others say that they named it after the cottonwood trees,called alamo
A small town grew near the San Antionio and presidio
some of the first people to live there moved
Alamo 3D Model
Alamo Statistics
Alamo Leaders and Key People
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna-Mexican General
Sam Houston-Texan General
Martin Perfecto de Cos-Mexican General
James Bowie-Texan Colonel
William Travis-Texan Commander
James Bonham-Texan Lieutenant
Almaron Dickinson-Texan Artillery Captain
Davy Crockett-Texan Lieutenant Colonel
We do not know how much Texans were killed, but we have estimated about 185, but many debate on the number
About 400-600 Mexicans died
The Alamo lasted from February 23, 1836 to March 6, 1836
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was the Mexican General during the Alamo. Antonio Lopez was also president and sometimes called the Napoleon of the West. Antonio Lopez led the Mexican army to recapture the Alamo from the Texans. After the Alamo he would soon lose to Sam Houston a few weeks after and was captured one day after the loss.
Sam Houston
Sam Houston was the Texan Genaral and played a big role in the Texas Revolution. Sam Houston heard of the lose at the Alamo and rebuilt his army to later defeat Antonio Lopez and the Mexican Army.
Martin Perfecto de Cos
Martin Perfecto de Cos was a Mexican General married to Lucinda Lopez de Santa Anna, sister of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. As General he overran the north wall of the Alamo with 300 men. Other then this he did have any role in the war against the United States.
James Bowie
Why the Alamo Significant
At the Alamo 180 loyal Texans sacrificed their lives to protect the Alamo from being recaptured. Out of those 180 Texans only about 15 survived, but those 180 Texans killed about 600 Mexicans of 2,400 and held them off for 13 days.
William B. Travis
As Texan Commander, William Travis led his Texan people to the Alamo. William sent a letter to the Texas and all the American people which motivated them. Sadly, he was killed at the Alamo by a gun shot to the head. After the battle, Santa Anna ordered that the Texan's body should be burned. William Travis's body was burned with the other soldiers.
James Bowie
James Bowie was a Texan Colonel. He was an adventurous man and loyal to the Texan. James Bowie was sick of some disease that we did not find out, and died in bed.
James Bonham
Thanks For Listening!
James Bonham was a unpaid volunteer and was later was promoted to second lieutenant. James Boham was on two different trips to deliver letters. James died in the battle manning a canon.
The Alamo started in February 23, 1836 and took place during the Texas Revolution. It was a 13 day siege for the Mexicans to recapture the Alamo from the Texans. The Texans were outnumbered by the Mexicans, but the Texans fought to the death to protect the Alamo and their home. This battle motivated the Texans and America later on in the war
Alamo Facts
The youngest person at the Alamo to die was 15 years old.
William Travis was believed to have died first at the Alamo.
Most of the soldiers who died at the Alamo only have lived in Texas for a year or two.
Texas Revolution
The Texas Revolution lasted from 1835-1836 when the Texans wanted independence from the Mexicans. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and the Mexicans tried to stop the Texans, but were stopped by General Sam Houston and the Texan Army. Texas then became independent and became the Republic of Texas until they joined the United States in 1845.
Alamo and the Texas Revolution
The Alamo ties in with the Texas Revolution, because the Battle of the Alamo was a battle for Texan independence. The Alamo was probably the biggest battle in the Texas Revolution. The Alamo motivated Texas to win the War. The Mexicans underestimated the Texans defense even though the Texans lose, they wiped out a good number of Mexican soldiers.
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