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Animal Rights

No description

Chloe Hudock

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Animal Rights

Animal Rights
Animal Rights
Animal rights, as they protect species from the horrors in labs and factory farms hidden by the media, also help to keep the balance between life and to keep the environment in check.
Factory Farming:
A Hidden Horror
The media is obligated to
the world about things such as factory farming. Instead, they:
release commercials of happy and healthy animals
use misleading images on store bought items
Animal Use for Scientific Research
In 1983, at the University of Pennsylvania, 150 baboons suffered brain damage from scientific research studying whiplash.
Animal Rights Protect Our Environment
If a species was to go extinct, it would impact she species it hunts and is hunted by.

The demand for cow, chicken, turkey and pig meat is extremely high
We are killing animals faster than they can reproduce
What would happen if exploited animals (in farms and in labs) were go to extinct?

Taken from their mothers shortly after birth
Painfully castrated and
removed of their horns
Female cows repeatedly impregnated until death
Survivors of slaughterhouse transports are shot in the head
Many remain conscious while skinned and gutted
Chloe Hudock

Farm animals are mutilated and tortured
Kept in the dark until sent to slaughterhouses
Animals are starved
They bleed to death
The Reality
More sophisticated than cats and dogs
Can be taught to play video games
Protective of their young
In Factory Farms
Piglets tails removed
without painkillers
Pigs kept in extremely small pens
Using no anesthetics, they are castrated
Their teeth are broken to
prevent stress-induced cannibalism
Pigs are taken from their mothers at 10 days old
Extreme crowding increases diseases and sicknesses



Pigs: Intelligent Animals

Cows Used for Food

Chicken Transport and Slaughter

Mice and Rats in Laboratories
Chickens are the
most abused
animals in factory farms
They receive "litter burn" from living surrounded by feces
Crammed by the thousands into small pens
They become immobilized from the extreme increase in size (from hormone injections)
Suffer broken wings and legs from rough handling
Dragged through electric water bath to induce paralysis
Many remain conscious while dumped in boiling "defeathering" water tanks
Chickens - The Most Abused
Beak Removal Process
100 million rats and mice
are killed every year for scientific experiments
Used in toxicology and other pain inflicting tests
Holes are drilled into animals skulls for brain experiments
Primates in Laboratories

Factory Farms and Environment Pollution



Enforcing animal rights protects species and prevents a negative change in the environment.

Animal feces piles up by the pound, creating air and water pollution
The air pollution harms workers and nearby residents
with nausea and respiratory diseases
animals and equipment across the country
increases carbon emissions
Animals have been domesticated and exploited by humans for thousands of years. They are currently used for farming and scientific/medical research.
There are many organizations that fight for animal rights.
I believe that animals are deserving of
Animals are
like us
Capable of forming relationships
Are protective of their young
They can feel pain and suffering
of humans many other species are
closely related
; we are more alike than we are different.
Factory farming not only puts our environment at risk, but it also puts our health at stake.
PETA, an animal rights organization, investigated the UNC Chapel Hill. They revealed that
rats were being given large tumors and deadly illnesses.
primates are imprisoned in laboratories in the U.S. yearly
Newborns are
intentionally separated from their protective mothers three days after birth to test psychological damage
They are injected with dangerous illnesses and become test subjects for vaccines
exposes animals to bubonic plague and botulism, along with new weapons
Holes are drilled into their skulls where metal restraint devices are screwed in, and electrodes are inserted into their brains
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