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EE Presentation

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C Jordan

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of EE Presentation

EE Presentation
June 8th 2015
- 8:30 to 15:00
- Written EE will be returned by 5th June
- Timetables will be posted in form room
- PowerPoint/Prezi needs to be on both USB and online

- Presentation lasts for 5-6 minutes
- Do not use a script
- Cue cards are acceptable
- Prepare a maximum of 10 slides
- You will be asked questions by teachers/classmates.

Common Mistakes
- Copy and pasting your entire essay into a script
- Reading from the slides
- Mispronunciation of new words
- Forgetting to ask questions whilst watching
- Under preparing or arriving without a PowerPoint
Any questions: chris_jordan@cky.edu.hk
In addition:
- You will need to submit our essay title and a 100 word reflection to your English teacher by:
12th June
This is an opportunity for you to reflect upon the process of completing the essay and outline positives and negatives from your writing that you can consider in year 9.
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