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The Twelfth Day of July

No description

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of The Twelfth Day of July

was born 1932 in Edingburgh (Great Britian)
-> 83 years Old
went with two years to Belfast
she started to write when she was eleven years old
Other Books:
- Liams Daugther
- The File on Fraulein Berg
- The Kiss
Title : The Twelfth Day of July

Author : Joan Lingard

Year of Publication : 1970 in
Great Britian

Genre : Novel / Child Book

pages : 154

Chapters : 17

3rd person narrator
Facts about the Book
Joan Lingard
Sadie Jackson (Protestant)
Live in the Protestant Area
she is brave
she is not scared
she is stubborn
she gets excited because of the 12th day of July
Tommy Jackson (Protestant)
Brother from Sadie
Opposite as Sadie
prefers other Solutions
The Main Characters
Kevin McCoy (Catholic)
Lives in the Catholic Area
do what he wants
hates the Protestants
starts the Chaos
wants to be the "cool boy"
has leadership skills
Oldest Child
Brede McCoy (Catholic)
Sister from Kevin
sensible type
loves Cooking
The Main Characters
four kids with different religions
how they think about each other
the Conflict between Catholics and Protestants
Catholics commands England
Wilhelm III rescue England from
the Catholics.
big fight between Wilhelm III
(Protestant) and Jakob II
(Catholic) at Boyne River
Wilhelm III wins -> Protestants celebrate this day
" The Twelfth "
The Twelfth Day of July
problems between religions

not known of the Problems
make me think afterwards
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