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Core Strategy

No description

Andrew Miles

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Core Strategy

Blackpool Core Strategy Spatial Profile Shared interests with 2 other
local authorities The Core Strategy is the spatial expression of the Council’s wider Sustainable Community Strategy
which seeks to create a framework for a more prosperous and healthier Blackpool. The Core Strategy is
where the key strategic decisions and difficult choices are made about Blackpool’s future development. Existing Spatial Profile Intensely urban and compact in form, the
problems and issues facing the town are
largely driven by resort decline, with
high levels of deprivation and acute,
accelerating housing market imbalance,
focused on the declining holiday areas. Key Issues Address housing market imbalance Diversify the economy & create more,
better paid jobs Sustain a more year round offer Spatial Vision “Blackpool will be the main business, cultural, retail and educational centre of the Fylde Coast, serving 350,000 local residents. It will be recognised as a unique, year-round 21st century visitor experience, offering escapism and fun with high quality attractions, and state of the art conferencing facilities, accommodation and hospitality. The Spatial Strategy “Regeneration, Diversification and Growth” Town Centre and Resort Renaissance M55 Hub Growth Point Balanced Healthy and Greener Blackpool Delivering the Vision The Spatial Strategy Regeneration, Diversification & Growth Policy S1 Strategic Direction and Location of Development Policy S2 City on The Beach Policy S3 Housing Need: Blackpool Strategic Housing Sites 2009-2026 Policy S4 Phased and Balanced Blackpool Housing Market Policy S5 Employment Development and Economic Diversification Policy S6 Quality of Place Policy S7 Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policy S8 Connectivity Town Centre & Resort Renaissance M55 Hub Growth Point
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