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Wedge Tailed Eagle

Year 7 Science Classification Project

elizabeth rosero

on 18 August 2011

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Transcript of Wedge Tailed Eagle

Wedge Tailed Eagle Common Name Scientific Name Classification Relations Body Temperature Diet Prey Behaviour Zoo Conditions common names Reasons for classification The most common name is the Wedged-tailed Eagle but there is another name that you can call it like Eaglehawk or you could call it a Bald Eagle. the sientific name for the weged tailed eagle is called (Aquila audax)the name is really confusing. The scientific name for the Wedge-Tailed Eagle is Aquila audax. Kingdom:Animalia
Species:audax reason for classafication It is in the Animalia Kingdom because it eats food and moves.
It is in the Chordata phylum because it is a vertebrate and has a spinal cord.
It is in the Aves class because it has feathers and wings and lays eggs.
It is in the Falconifomes order because it is a bird of prey and has a hooked beak and long claws.
It is in the Aquila genus because it is an eagle and over 50cm long.
The species is Aquila Audax which is a Wedge Tailed Eagle. The Wedge Tailed Eagle and the Golden Eagle are both birds of prey and they are both in the Eagle family.
The Golden Eagle is found in the Northern Hemisphere but the Wedge Tailed Eagle is native to Australia.
The Golden Eagle is in the Accipituformes order and the Wedge Tailed Eagle is in the Faloniformes order. The Little Eagle and the Wedge Tailed Eagle are in the same order of Falconiformes. They are both in Australia but the Little Eagle is also found in Asia.The Little Eagle is only small about 45-55cm bit the Wedge Tailed Eagle can be 1 metre tall. The Wedge Tailed Eagle is warm blooded (endothermic). Its body temperature is around 40-42 degrees. Bioclimatic Region The Wedge-tailed Eagle is found in Australia and Tasmania.

It can live near the sea and in the mountains.It likes forests, woody areas and countryside but does not like rainforests and humid places. They like to live high up trees or poles. Wedge-tailed Eagles build their nest in a high tree or cliff with good views. Wedge Tailed Eagles like to eat live and dead prey like road kill. They like lots of rabbits but also eat foxes, lambs,lizards,kangaroos,mice, snakes, small birds and mammals. The only threat to the Wedge Tailed Eagle is humans because the kill them or poison them or destroy their habitat. Wedge Tailed Eagles before they mate can live alone or in groups. Sometimes they work together to hunt prey.They hunt mostly during the day but can still hunt at night time. When they mate they stay together for life. If one is killed they get another mate. They make a large nest from sticks and leaves. Both parents take care of the chicks.The parents are very protective and terretorial.They lay one to two eggs every year.They take 45 days to hatch. When the chicks are five weeks old they can start feeding themselves. They leave the nest when they are 11-12 weeks old to take care of themselves. The Wedge Tailed Eagles are kept in a special tall enclosure. They have lots of vegetation and tree stumps and special perches to sit up high.They are fed fresh meat like fish, rabbit, chicken and mice. At Healsville Sanctuary the Wedge Tailed Eagles are trained for a show and have special shelters with small windows they fly into. It looks like a big wooden shed. Bibligraphy Books Olsen, Penny. Wedge-Tailed Eagle. CSIRO Publishing 2005. Internet http://birdsinbackyards.net/species/Aquila-audax
http://www.zoo.org.au/Healesville/AWHC/Get_Involved Diagram The Wedge Tailed Eagle is one of the largest birds of prey. Its feathers are dark brown and black. It has a hooked beak and sharp long claws. The wing span can be up to 2-3 metres long. It also has a long tail. Its nick name is a 'Wedgie'.
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