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Sir Francis Drake

No description

Katie Smith Alison Welch

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake Work CIted! Voyages and travels : ancient and modern, with introductions, notes and illustrations. New York : P. F. Collier and son, [c1910] The Harvard classics, ed. by C. W. Ellot [vol. XXXIII]. "Drake, Sir Francis ." America the Beautiful. Grolier Online, 2011. Web. 13 May. 2011. "Sir Francis Drake." (Drake, Francis, engraving. The Library of Congress. ).Student Resource Center thanks for watching!! LAST VOYAGE Left in 1595 afetr 6 years at rest. to the carribean to get
Gold and Silver tryed to seize Panama City died of Dysentery
January 28, 1596 By Alison Smith and
Katie Welch His crew buried him at sea Gibbs, Gary G. "Drake, Sir Francis. World Book D-S. 2011 ed. Rise, Earle J. Sir Francis Drake. New York: Marshall Cavendish,2003 Born in 1538-1546 Febuary or march City of Crownadale-Farm locatedmile southwest of Devon,England Oldest of 12 kids Sailed with Sir John Hawkins- died when reaching islands Became a ship captions apprentice Early life Period 3/4 Drake, Sir Frances. (2008, November 01). In ProQuest Editorial Website G. Retrieved from http://elibrary.bigchalk.com Interesting Facts The Spanish was afraid of him so they called him "El Draue" or "The Dragon" Most Importsnt Seaman in History. Even better then Nelson He was a successful privateer, talented navigator and one of the most renowned seamen in history 2nd Euroean to lead a voyage around the world Greatly contributed to england's Colonies in the New World Didn't like spain beacause they attacked his ship THE END!!! He lead 23 vessels, 2,100 seamen and destruyed two dozen spanish ships and tons of supplies. 1572 In may set sail for the caribbean sea from plymouth england. in june he captured treasure, laden spanish city of Nombre de Dios in Panama. 1573 Retured to Plymouth 1577 He left plymouth with 5ships and 164 men to circle the globe. Queen Elizabeth 1 of england agreeded to pay for him. In 1578 he entered the Magellon with 2 destoyed ships. In the pacific violent storms sunk the marigold and the Eirabeth was seperated from the Pelian and went home. After acomplishing what he wanted he continued going up the North America hoping to discove a passsage from Pacific to the Atlantic. he gave up hope for the passage thing but he claimed San Francisco and named it New Albion. In 1580 he retured home and was knighted be Elizabeth 1, 1580-1585 In this time he lived in Buckland Abbey. He served mayor of Plymouth for a year. then in 1854 he represented the town of Bossinegin in the House of Common. In 1585 he lead an exbidition to the Caribian.
he attacked spanish on Santiago, Santo Pomingo. Two years later he commanded a suprize attack on the port of cadiz, spain. He destoyed 30 ships there. He renamed his boat from Pelican to Golden Hind. The Golden Hind was 100ft long and had 18 guns. 1588 After he destroyedspains ships. King phillip of spain ordered his fleet to strike back on July 19 1588, the battle began in the English Channal. he fought back and spanish was forced to flee. 1589 He led a fleet in Raidon Lisbon which was then a spanish port. he seized many merchant vessels at Lisbon but failed to capture the city or carry out other parts of Elzabeths instructions. Thousand of english sailors died on the voyage and Elizabeth called it a failure. Alison and Katie Rox!! Drake and Hawkins set out for Spanish Main. In Borburata they scared people with the size of their fleet so they would trade with them. They hit a storm and 1 of the ships got seprated and went back home. When they got to
San Juan de Ulua they arrived a few days before the annual arrive of the flota. They made a pact with Enrique to not attack each other but Enrique still attacked their ships a few days later. After the war ended a few days later Drake only had 2 of the 9 ships and 15 surviors. The rest were destroyed or sunk. Drake was blamed by Hawkins for deserting him to the Queen. It was the only time in Drake's career where anyone accused him of cowardice. Drake then forgot about the Queen and started his own private war against Spain. 1568 Drake found land guarded by a lot
of vegitation that no one knew about
and he named it Port Pheasant. It was
inside Spain so on enemy territory.
While on Port Pheasant he captured a
lot of ships. Drake threated but never
hurt an enemy. Drake no longer saw slaves
as merchandise but as human beings so he
let his slaves go. His big goal was to caputure
Nombre de Dios, even though he caputures a
lot of gold, silver, and ships before that. He
disguised himself as a Spanish merchant to
famalarize himsleft with the land. Drake buried
some supplies at Port Pheasant and left to attack
Nombre de Dios. The slaves he let go told Spain
his secret port and his plans to attack. Since they
were ready his plan to attack failed terribly. Also
his supplied at Port Pheasant was stolen. 1570 In 1569 he offically became a pirate. In 1569 he married
Mary Nelson. the life of Sir Francis Drake! Katie is the hottest thing on this planet!!! San Francisco -Hotel named after him. -In San Anselmo their is even a school named after him -San Francisco and San Francisco Bay are named after him because he found it. -When he first found it he named New
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