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Brain Terms!

The different parts of the brain

Danny Well

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Brain Terms!

Brain Terms! Neurons DEFINITION: basic building blocks of the nervous system TWO TYPES: sensory (incoming) and motor (outgoing) THREE PARTS: dendrite, axon, and axon terminal Brainstem DEFINITION: the oldest part and central core of the brain Parts RETICULAR FORMATION: controls arousal THALAMUS:acts as the brain's sensory switchboard PONS: coordinate movements (general area) MEDULLA: controls heartbeat and breathing CEREBELLUM: coordinates muscle movement and processes sensory information Limbic System DEFINITION: linked to emotions, memory and drives Parts AMYGDALA: involved in responses of aggression and fear HYPOTHALAMUS: involved in various body maintenance (maintains homeostasis) and is linked to emotion and reward Cerebral Cortex DEFINITION: a thin layer of interconnected neural cells covering the cerebral hemispheres that processes information Parts (Lobes) FRONTAL LOBES: involved in speaking and muscle movement PARIETAL LOBES: recieves sensory input for touch and body position OCCIPITAL LOBES: recieve information from visual fields TEMPORAL LOBES: recieves information from the auditory areas THE END! CORPUS CALLOSUM: connects and carries messages between the brain's two hemispheres
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