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david ferber

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Twitter

By: Zev Friend, David Ferber, Eytan Darrison & Maor Feinstein
- A real-Time information network
- Social Media Network
- A way to easily connect with business people around the world
- 500 million tweets a day
What is Twitter?
- To build your company and generate leads
- To define your brand and Target customers
- Interact with followers
- Create an approachable communication style
- Promote events & News
- Keep an eye on competitors
Why should you use Twitter?
67 % of Twitter users are more likely to buy brands they "follow"
- 35 % of marketers have generated leads using twitter
- Twitter users are more likey to try and buy New Products
- 83 % of people who complained on twitter loved the companies response

Marketing on Twitter
- Customers
- Business partners, suppliers and contractors
- Competition
Who should I connect with and follow?
Twitter Basics
- What is a Tweet? A text Based Message- 140 characters
- What is a Retweet RT? A reposting of someone elses tweet
- What is a username or handle? Your identity and web address on twitter
- What is a DM? A private message between you and someone who follows you

Dells Success using Twitter
Dell combines it all- engagement, promotions, photo sharing, and retweets.

They have earned 3 million dollars in revenues alone in the past year from using twitter so effectively.

How does Dell use Twitter Effectively?
Dell follows 3360 accounts while Acer follows 138 even though they joined three years earlier
Dell sent out 12,500 tweets compared to acers 787
Acer has half as many videos and pictures than Dell
On many occasions Acer is inactive from twitter for a week at a time
Creating Acers Ad campain on Twitter
Use Twitter as a customer service platform using hashtags like: "we hear you"
Post daily deals and coupons on products like dell does
Increase transparency with customers and executives
Create brand advocates using contests and incentives
Add pictures and videos.
Make a catchy tweet.

A Quick History
Fast Facts Quiz
1. Who is the most followed person on Twitter?
2. Who has tweeted the most
3.What is the most ReTweeted tweet
4. Who was the first celebrity to 1 million followers?
5. How many tweets are tweeted a day
1. Who is the most followed twitter user?
2. Who has tweeted the most?
3. What is the most retweeted tweet
4. Who was the first celebrity to reach 1 million follows
5. On average how many tweets are sent everyday?
1. Katy Perry (65.2 million)
2. Periz Hilton (237.3 thousand)
3. Ellen Degenere's photo at the Oscars (3.35 million)
4. Ashton Kutcher
5. 500 million/day
Anatomy of a Twee

Dell VS Acer
What is Acer doing wrong
Acer follows a sadly low amount of accounts

They are very inactive, and go without tweeting for two weeks at a time

Acer is not interactive and barely posts pictures & Videos.

They rarely post deals acd coupons for customers

They barely respond to customers comments (whether negative or positive)

Background Of Acer
Acer was founded in 1996 by Stan Shih
In 2014 Acer was the fourth largest personal computer vendor in the world.
By 2005, Acer employed a scant 7,800 people worldwide. Revenues rose from $4.9 billion in 2003 to $11.31 billion in 2006.
Today Acer is a well known company for selling good quality computers and tablets for less than competing brands.
They are passionate social listeners
They have a social media university
They turn customers into brand advocates
Dell executives are social
Dell's community is active and involved
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