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Architectural Styles

No description

Kristen Hobbs

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Architectural Styles

Architectural Styles
Georgian Style
Square symmetrical shape
Paneled front door at center
9 or 12 window panes in each window sash.
Adam Style
Complex pastel colour schemes
Painted ornaments
Early Classical Revival
Elliptical fanlight over the front door
Large windows and doors
Symmetrically aligned doors and windows
Greek Revival
Fron gabled roof
Fron porch w/ columns
Attic or fieze level windows
Gothic Revival
Steeply pinched roof
Castle like towers
Pointed arches as decorative element
Italiana Style
Widely overhanging eaves
Two or three stories hight
Tall, narrow windows
Queen Anne Style
Asymmetrical facade
Projecting bay windows
Patterned shingles
Colonial Revival
Broken pediment over front door
Fron door sidelights
Symmetrical facade
Tudor Style
Steeply pitched roof
Cross gables
decorative half-timbering
Prairie Style
Low pitched hipped roof
Wide overhanging eaves
Emphasis on horizontal lines
Craftsman Style
Deeply over hanging eaves
Hand-crafted stone or woodwork
Mixed materials through the structure
Usually 1-1 1/2 stories
Low pitched roof
Broad eaves
International Style
Flat roof
Ribbon Windows
Curtain walls of glass
Ranch Style
Single story
lon low roof line
Split level Style
Deep set eaves
Asymmetrical facade
Integrated garage
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