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australian savanna

No description

natalie bonner

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of australian savanna

by: Natalie Bonner Australian savanna Australian savanna The Australian Savanna is located
in Northern Australia. One of the many animals that live in the Australian Savanna is the Emu.Its the largest bird to inhabit the grassy fields of Ausralia. The Emu has medium sized wings but can't fly. A plant that lives in the Australian
Savanna is the
Jarrah tree.It grows about 40-50
meters high and, the trunks diameter
is three
meters wide. The climate in this reigon
has two
different seasons:
dry season and wet season.
The 'dry' season is usually May to October.The 'wet'
last from December to March.
Both of these season lasts about 5 to 6 months. Three Characteristics 1.The trees are widely spaced so sunlight can reach the ground. An interesting fact about the Australian
Savanna is that in the summer many fires occur because of the little water amount. A savanna is a grass land with
scattered trees and shrubs. 2. The ground is covered in a dense layer of Gamba grass. 3. after the last census was taken in 2001, there where about 75,000 people living in the Australian Savanna.
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