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Criminal Profile: Pedro Alonso Lopez

No description

Dana Claussen

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Criminal Profile: Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro Alonso López Monster of the Andes Where it all began: Analysis of Operation Classification Crimes/Victimology Psychological Phases Teen Years Background: Continued... Release Slipup Missing Bodies Keeping Promises 1978 --> went to Peru
Began stalking girls of indian tribes
Later admitted to killing at least 100 girls
Was captured by Ayacuchos and tortured for attempting to kidnap a 9-year-old girl
Tried burying him alive
American missionaries stopped and turned him over to authorities
Deported back to Ecuador In Colombia, missing girls led authorities to believe they were lost to sex slave ring
Flood exposed skeletal remains of 4 bodies --> investigation started Picked up by older man
Promise of food and shelter
Taken to warehouse and sodomized
Picked up by American couple (Ecuador)
Enrolled in school for orphans
Sexually molested by teacher
Stole money from school and went back to Colombia Became skilled in car theft
However, at 18 he was caught
Sentenced to 7 years in prison
Within first 2 days, gang-raped by 4 inmates
Seeked revenge and killed those 4 using a knife made with utensils
Swore to himself that he wouldn't let anyone touch him ever again
Mental abuse from mother made him scared of social interaction with women
"Impractical" Process-focused: Knows how long it takes for them to die and makes sure they are fully dead otherwise he has to “kill them all over again”
Promised he wouldn’t let anybody hurt him ever again
In his interview with National Examiner he described the feeling he got from murdering girls “enthralling and exciting”
Lust killer
When he was younger, he turned to pornographic books and magazines because he thought that social interaction with women was impractical
Abandoned and sexually assaulted at several points in his life could have killed young girls as a way to feel powerful Organized serial killer
Targets: Young girls, ages 9-13 with "a cetain look of innocence" and who were always helping their mothers
Often trolled village markets
Always searched in full daylight because he didn't want darkness to hide their throes of death from him (When asked what he meant by that he said that he would first rape the girl, and then strangle her as he stared into her eyes. He claimed to feel deep pleasure and sexual excitement watching their life fade before him.)
He went on to state that he would often act out gruesome tea parties with the bodies of the dead little girls and would prop them up and talk to them. When they didn’t respond, he would go out and kill more girls. Aura
Disorganized kill in prison --> result of gang-rape...began feeling the need to kill because he didn't want to get hurt again
Walk in marketplaces and look for innocent girls helping their mother
Gave girl a trinket and promised them that if they came with, he would give their mother one also.
Led them to an isolate spot and reassured them throughout the night
He would wait until the the sun came up at dawn so it would be bright enough to see into their eyes as he raped, strangled, and then watched their life fade.
slipup in Ecuador, got caught by merchants trying to capture a young girl.
Anti-Social Disorder
Avoidant Personality Disorder By: Cheyenne Strickley
& Dana Claussen 1949 - Tolmia, Colombia "La Violencia"
7 out of 13 children --> Mother was a prostitute
At 8, mother caught him touching little sister --> kicked him out Attempt to abduct 12 year old from marketplace
Chased down by merchants and arrested by police while rambling incoherently and thought to be a madman
Became silent in interrogation
Priest dressed up as inmate to make him feel comfortable and open up
Worked but details were too gruesome
Priest asked to be removed from cell Confession Confessed to murdering at least 110 girls in Ecuador, 100 in Colombia, and "many more than 100" in Peru after being confronted by police
"I like the girls in Ecuador. They are more gentle and trusting, more innocent. They are not as suspicious of strangers as Colombian girls."
He blamed his crimes on his hard life and lonely adolescence. "I lost my innocence at age eight," he explained, "so I decided to do the same to as many young girls as I could."
Police had a hard time belieing his confession because it was so gruesome and extremely surreal. When Pedro saw this he offered to take them to several burial sites of his victims across the country
First site found remains of 53 girls and he led them to 28 other sites where nothing was found but they think it is because of the floods and animals
Upon arrival back at police headquarters, Pedro was quickly charged with 57 counts of murder, however Pedro saw the ante boosted to 110 as a result of his detailed confessions.
No information is readily available on Pedro's vitims nor his brief trial but it is known to have occured sometime in late 1980.
Pedro Alonso Lopez was convicted on multiple counts of murder and sentenced to life in prison "I am the man of the century, no one will ever forget me."

"I went after my victims by walking among the markets searching for a girl with a certain look on her face — a look of innocence and beauty. She would be a good girl, working with her mother. I followed them sometimes for two or three days, waiting for when she was left alone. I would give her a trinket like a hand mirror, then take her to the edge of town where I would promise a trinket for her mother."

"I would take her to a secret hideaway where prepared graves waited. Sometimes there were bodies of earlier victims there. I cuddled them and then raped them at sunrise. At the first sign of light I would get excited. I forced the girl into sex and put my hands around her throat. When the sun rose I would strangle her." "It was only good if I could see her eyes, it would have been wasted in the dark — I had to watch them by daylight. There is a divine moment when I have my hands around a young girl's throat. I look into her eyes and see a certain light, a spark, suddenly go out. The moment of death is enthralling and exciting. Only those who actually kill know what I mean."
"When I am released I will feel that moment again."
"It took the girls five to 15 minutes to die. I was very considerate. I would spend a long time with them making sure they were dead. I would mirror to check whether they were still breathing. Sometimes I had to kill them all over again,"
"They never screamed because they didn't expect anything would happen. They were innocent."
"My little friends liked to have company, I often put three or four into one hole. But after awhile I got bored because they couldn't move, so I looked for more girls."
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