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Public Speaking

marisa beller

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Illuminati

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By :Marisa Beller The Illuminati Thesis statement what is the Illuminati? Founded on May 1,2012
Is a secret society within a secret society
13 bloodlines of the riches and most powerful
Ultimate goal is to have a new World Order and world domination
Own national banks, oil businesses,the most powerful business in the industry and own most governments

Must sell your soul to the devil who is in the Illuminati? made up of 13 bloodlines
involved corporates, secret societies, government parties,money flow and world fairs. 13 bloodlines WE THE PEOPLE really have no idea who these people are. We have theories that these people were involved.


MC Donald
Walt Disney symbols of the Illuminati Many Believe ... Throughout history many speculations have uprooted due the controversial topic of a secret society know as the Illuminati All seeing eyes ( one Eye)
Checkered floors
Inverted pentagon
purple elephant
devil Alleged Illuminati attacks
September 11,2012
London Bombing 2005
2012 olympics
Mock terrorist attack Television And Movies Disney Channel
Family Guy
South Park

Halloween Town
Terminator 2
Angles and demons Want to believe in one belief
want world peace
everyone rich and wealthy Benefits of the Illuminati Media plays a huge role Jay -z
Lady Gaga
Bob Marlery
Snoop Dog
Lil Wyane important VIDEO I FOUND!

dates July 17
July 22
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