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Zane Imran

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of GUANTANAMO BAY

What are the causes of the human rights issues on Guantanamo Bay?
Who has been effected?
Which organisations are taking action?
Who has been effected by the human rights abuses?
Case study: Obaidullah, 19
Two groups trying to take action
Guantanamo Bay was bought by Americans from Cuba and was originally a naval base. President Bush then transformed it into a detention camp to deal with terrorists involved in the 9/11 attacks. It was built in January 2002 and the main camp was named X-ray and is the well known camp but is now shut down. After the election of Obama, gradually some detainees have been released and there are now 166 prisoners remaining. There is much controversy over whether Guantanamo Bay detention camp is fair or not as it is a secretive camp and not many people are given access to the high priority areas. The are reports that detainees are tortured, force fed and given little time outside there is also leaks that the waterboard interrogation technique is used. The camp is run by the Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) of America. Guantanamo is also known as Gitmo and G-bay.
What are the causes of the human rights breach?
Amnesty International
Guantanamo Bay is a detention camp located in Cuba which was bought by Americans off the Cuban's .It was made shortly after 9/11 to deal with suspect terrorists and other threats to America. The main problem with Guantanamo Bay camp is that prisoners are not given a fair trail. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly states that all humans are equal before the law, and are innocent until proven guilty. But the detainees are not given a fair trail and this means that all prisoners held on Guantanamo bay are deprived of their Human Rights. Another Human right issue on Guantanamo Bay is that all humans have the right for freedom from torture and degrading treatment. There is proof that prisoners on Guantanamo Bay are interrogated using torture methods such as the water board. They are also treated degradingly by guards who search them to intimidate and frustrate them with no particular purpose. These are all Human Rights breaches that are clearly happening on Guantanamo Bay, yet nothing has been done to stop them.
The main cause of the human rights breach on Guantanamo Bay is the American government. This is because they decided it should be built and know what human right breaches go on in there. They have the power to stop what is happening there but choose not to do do anything about it as if it is acceptable. American authorities are choosing not to let prisoners get a fair trail and there are leaks of the use of torture in the camps. It is unacceptable that this can happen and nothing be done about it. The American government are letting a major human rights breach slip beneath them which is not acceptable.
How do they benefit from what they are doing?
The advantage the American government get from Guantanamo Bay is the benefit and the security of knowing that potential terror suspects are secure and contained in one area. However they are only suspects and because they are not given a fair trail, some detainees could be innocent but are ignored. They ignore their human rights because it makes it easier for them to capture them and not get questioned or have to prove why they are terrorists. However this causes much controversy and protests because most of the public do not agree that they cannot be given a fair trail,

Many different people are effected by the human rights breaches on Guantanamo Bay. The main group is the detainees held there. The are not given a fair trail and are treated like animals. It is especially bad for the falsely accused prisoners that are robbed from their ordinary life because of their religion or because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A huge amount of their life is taken away from them and their human rights are destroyed. Over 100 prisoners went on a hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay to try and make a stand, this shows how much they have been affected. Another group effected is the American public. There has been much public outrage and controversy from the public who feel like nothing has been done to stop Guantanamo Bay camp. And they feel responsible for the life's of many accused terrorists.
Chair used for force feeding prisoners
Amnesty International protests against the use of Guantanamo Bay
Obaidullah is a victim of the Guantanamo Bay human rights breach. He was just nineteen years old when .... " I was abducted in my sleep, they put a hood over your head and force you to sit against a wall. You are terrified. After a few hours, with my feet and hands bound and still hooded, I was taken to a military base. There you are physically assaulted, interrogated, threatened with a knife, and deprived of sleep and food. You fear you will be killed. After around 48 hours of no sleep or food you are taken to a larger military base by helicopter and a then interrogated again. Three months later you are taken out of your cell with your feet shackled, and your eye's blacked out. They then tie you down like cargo and are sent away in a plane. A plane to Guantanamo Bay, with no hearing or trail. You are stuck there, on the other side of the world not even sure where you are." This is the story of Obaidullah. He has been in a cell on Guantanamo bay for over 11 years. His daughter was born 2 days before he was abducted and is now 11, she cannot remember him. It is not right that this can happen and Obaidullah not get a fair trail. The rest of his life will be effected by this breach of human rights and there is nothing he can do about it.
Amnesty International works hard to insure that the public are aware of what is happening in Guantanamo bay. They have a website which has many case studies, blogs, information and gives the public access to ways they can contribute to their work. They also gather donations to help them return human rights to Guantanamo Bay and other breaches around the world. Amnesty International is a relatively large organisation and without them less progress would have been made to stop Guantanamo bay.
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch is a non-profitable organisation formed to make any Human rights breaches around the world public. Their website encourages people to sign letters and donate money. Their website has 971 reports on Guantanamo Bay to make the public more aware about the human rights breach. Together with other human rights organisations Human Rights Watch is fighting to bring change on Guantanamo Bay
By Zane Imran
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