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Lachlan Higgs

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Minimalism

What is Minimalism?
Minimalism describes movements in various forms of art, design and music. It's main goal is to remove any unnecessary or non-essential forms.

Key Ideas
Minimalism is not just one design style but any that uses the simplest and fewest elements to create a maximum effect.
Social Influence on Minimalism
The social impacts on Minimalism included:
- There was a need for the simplification of designs

- This need for simplification of designs forced designers to change their designs and work to suit the audience
Minimalism was affected by society in the following ways:
- Need for simplification
- Need for a de-cluttered design
- Society was inclined to the idea that "Less is More"
- Need for designs that were less complicated and stripped down to the essentials
Minimalism was now appearing in many different areas such as art, architecture, music and designs in general.
Historical Impact on Minimalism
Cultural Impact on Minimalism
Themes, Ideas and Forms
The main theme of Minimalism was simplicity. This was done by:
1. Removing unnecessary items or forms
2. Choosing specific colours and materials to relfect simplicity
3. Refining and replacing any elements of the design with a simplified version
Minimalistic Designers
Robert Morris
He is an American sculptor and conceptual artist. He specializes in installments and art pieces.
Sol LeWitt
Sol LeWitt is an American artist and specializes in wall prints, structures and paintings.
Dan Flavin
Dan Flavin is an American artist again and is famous for creating illuminating work.
The main idea present in Minimalism is the idea that "Less is More"

Minimalistic designers often design an item only to go back and refine it to the point where it is at its barest form.

They also have to ensure that it would not loose its look.
Example: A chair so simplified that it cannot be recognised as a chair
There are 3 main forms present in Minimalism. They include:

- Simple colour pallet (Black or White)

- Simple and often natural materials (Wood)

- Simple shapes (Either straight lines or curves)

Minimalism in Music
Minimalistic music was music stripped
down to simple musical instruments
accompanied with a simple beat.
Minimalism in Architecture
Minimalism in Art
Minimalism was the single most important
design movement of the last century.
Minimalism enabled things to become accessible to everyone as it simplified it to a form that all could use and enjoy.
Along with the influences of society and historical influences, there was also a huge impact from the cultural side of things.

Some cultural items could not be simplified as they decreased the value and representation of that items so Minimalism as a movement had to almost leave certain cultural items alone.
The following is an installation of Roberts currently in the National Art Museum
The following is a wall print by LeWitt and shows the basic nature of his work
The following are examples of Dan's work and highlight the illuminating nature of his designs
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