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2010 Mock Crash

No description

Brandon Haugdahl

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of 2010 Mock Crash

2010 Mock Crash Inspiration Driving should be looked at as a privilege not a right. Over the years as my peers and I have grown, matured, and progressed though life. Some of the things that I have started to notice is that some of my fellow students have abused the privilege. For this I feel that a mock crash is a necessary to show that driving is a responsibility that should be not taken lightly.

In Minnesota traffic crashes are the leading cause of death of teens.

A national study from AAA (2007) reported that 61% of 16- and 17-year-old drivers admitted to engaging in distracting and dangerous behavior while driving

2006–2008 Minnesota Teen (16-19) Traffic Deaths and Serious Injuries
Total Deaths- 188
Total Injuries- 577

What is a Mock Crash? A mock crash is a live demonstration simulating an emergency response to a car collision involving a teen driver. Preparation Actors
St. Peter Emergency Response Services
Volunteered Services of local businesses
Prerecorded radio traffic Problems Encountered
How they were handled Committed Actors
What to Expect May 20th This day will be devoted to raising
awareness to distractive driving. Learning Experience Organizing an Event
Public Speaking Skills
Imapacts mock crashes can give
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