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Pyramid project

In this project we will describe the pyramid, we will be making our own question about the pyramid and answer the quest

mrsh mac

on 20 December 2011

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Transcript of Pyramid project

Pyramid are so important for Egyptians because it's where the dead body's were hidden it's hiding some treasure like gold and jeweleries. How much time and resources were used to build the pyramid? The pyramids at Giza was said to have taken 20 yrs. to complete with the man power of about 50,000 Egyptians working on it. Why did Egyptian build the pyramid? Pyramids were built in Ancient Egypt as tombs, or burial places, for Egyptian pharaohs, or kings. They believed that the pyramids made you immortal (never die).

Who build the Pyramid? People were Conscripted (had choose by the king), because on that time there were no slavery like our world. When they excavate the place where the pyramid builders lived, they found the animals bones (the cow, sheep and other animals that they eat). How would the pyramid be different if they build the pyramid today, and what would be some thing batter than before?
Even today the Great Pyramid is amazing. The pyramid measures 756 feet by 756 feet at the base and is 481 feet tall. It is made up of more than 2 million blocks weighing about 3 tons each. If they would build the pyramid today that will be much more easyer than before because now we have such good techknology. Before After They builted some of those pyramid to show how power full they were, because before 4000 years a go no one had builted these kind of buildings in the world, and I think it’s also to show there power to the world. The Ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife, so it was very important to them to protect the bodies of their pharaohs.

In order to keep the body of the pharaoh safe, the insides of the pyramids were like mazes with secret doors and dead-end passages. This how we can see the pyramid workers were treated well they were able to get payed, also they had the better doctor after they were injured. They ate good food and this is the why archaeologists says the pyramid workers were not the slave. The archaeologists also found that the pyramind worker get to have the surgery if there leg or hand break. Pyramid and Ancient Egypt.
By: DilshoD Baymatov, Muhammed Rashid, Ali Ahmad Why were the pyramid important to the king in Antchen Egypt?
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