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Chapter 3: The Great Gatsby

Discussion Questions and Events

Paige Hartsell

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 3: The Great Gatsby

Chapter 3
The Great Gatsby Mikala Simms, Kinsley Bean,
Paige Hartsell Question 1 Pay attention to Nick's judgments. What do they reveal about his character that he does this (especially in relation to his opening comments)? Question 2 Describe Gatsby the first time Nick sees him. Nick describes Gatsby as "An elegant young roughneck, a year or two over thirty whose elaborate formality of speech just missed being absurd." Basically, he young, attractive, and sharp looking. Question 3 What rumors have been told about Gatsby? Why does Fitzgerald reveal rumors rather than fact? There were rumors spread that Gatsby was a German spy, had murdered a man, he attended Oxford, and that he inherited his money from his older family. Fitzgerald included rumors instead of facts because he wanted you to wonder about Gatsby. Gatsby is a mysterious character, and he wanted you to read deeply into his actions. Question 5 How is Gatsby different from his guests? Gatsby is different from his guests because he doesn't drink at his parties. Instead of attending his elaborate parties, he watches them. Question 4 What does Nick think of Gatsby after meeting him? Question 6 Why does Nick choose to share his thoughts and feelings with Jordan? He shared his thoughts and feelings with her because he felt a "tender curiosity" towards her. He wasn't actually in love but he felt attracted to her. Question 7 Nick thinks he's one of the few honest people he knows,why? Do you think he is honest? Nick thinks this because he is constantly surrounded by dishonest people. People are having affairs left and right, drinking during the prohibition, and lying about their so called "wealth". I do think Nick has an honest character. He doesn't lie about being wealthy when he is not, and doesn't commit to Jordan until he is done with his fling at home. You're Invited Nick judges the guests of Gatsby's parties even though he is not there to experience the party for himself. He sits on his porch and judges these party-goers. He says the party guests were all from "the same crowd" and "all acted the same". The first significant event is when Nick is invited to Gatsby's extravagant house party. The significance of this is that this is where Nick is truly introduced to Gatsby for the first time. Nick also begins to hear the rumors spread around about Gatsby that make you question his past. This is Nick's first look at the extravagant lifestyle of the "Jazz Age". Jordan Baker Nick starts to learn more details about Jordan's life in this chapter. In search for Gatsby, Nick found Jordan instead and clung to her for the night. Nick learned that Jordan was a golfer, she had a wild side, and loved to have fun. Nick meets other characters, but something attracts him to her that makes him want to stay with her for the night. Jay Gatsby Nick meeting Gatsby is an important part of chapter three. Gatsby and Nick later form an important connection that might not have been made without their late-night run in to each other. After they meet, Gatsby invites Nick to lunches, outings, and excursions with him. Nick later starts to pick up on flawed details of Gatsby's stories that make him question his real past. Gatsby and Jordan's Conversation Gatsby takes Jordan into a separate room to have a private conversation with her. She doesn't reveal what was said until a later chapter. She later tells Nick that Gatsby wants him to invite Daisy to his house, so that Gatsby and Daisy can rekindle their fling. This is significant because it reveals to the readers that Gatsby and Daisy were once involved with each other. Reluctance to Leave Drunk Driver As Nick is leaving the house, he notices a large group of people surrounding a car. An incredibly drunk driver has ran straight into a wall, completely detaching the wheel from the car. The driver was so drunk he didn't even realize the car was damaged past being able to drive it. This shows how reckless and irresponsible people of the time period were. As the party was coming to a close, the men were all ready to leave, but the women had to be drug from the house kicking and screaming like children. Nick was one of the few that stuck around until the end, simply to apologize for not introducing himself sooner. Slowly, all the drunken party guests trickled out of the house. Nick was left to converse with Gatsby and confirmed their next outing together. Work Life After Nick had finished his reflection on the parties of Gatsby's, Nick tells about his work life. He explains that he works in the early morning, and studies stocks and bonds at night. He also talked about how he felt "a sinking in his heart" when he saw the taxis and cars racing through New York City. This shows that Nick felt on the outside of the ritzy lifestyle of the time, and was focused on his career. A Torn Heart Nick talks about how he is starting to feel a connection with Jordan Baker. He knew he might want to be something with her one day, but said he was still writing letters home signed, "love Nick". Him wanting to break things off with a girl at home before starting someone with Jordan shows that he is an honest man like other characters. He does live his life by his one cardinal virtue, one of the few honest people he has ever known. Nick thinks that Gatsby seems very interesting, but he wonders if the stories about Gatsby are really true or not. He notices that Gatsby seems professional, and is well respected by the guests at the parties. Unlike the other guests, he stays sober and controlled throughout the night.
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