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Agile Personas


Rob Kerr

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Agile Personas

Group 1
"Beta junkie"
-early adopter
-active user
-viral catalyst are personas? use personas? personas are
usually created... Persona exercise in groups Identify user groups
and characteristics... Talking to users
Observing users
Surveying users
Analysing user information
Sifting through relevant research Sift through the data... Do some detective work... What are the trends?
What is important?
What is just noise?
How are are users similar?
How are users different? Start fleshing
out personas... Who are they?
What is their background?
What is their context?
What’s important to them?
What are their goals
What are their needs?
What are their pain points and frustrations? Some
tips... Neil & Rob's
patented minute persona (patent pending) Group 2
-school age
-social user
-loyal Group 3
"Lunchtime surfer"
-time poor
-needs a break
-quick sessions http://timer.onlineclock.net/ What Why How
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