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Glossy paper

No description

Brock Ware

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Glossy paper

Where does it come from?
windmills/wind turbines
Sail boats How It Works!
the wind causes the wind turbines to spin and create elctricity This method is very successful but only in certain aresas where there is more heat and wind. Germany, Spain, US, Denmark, and India are all countries that use wind power. WIND ENERGY It costs people about 2 to 3 cents per KWH. One study found that if wind plants were financed on the same terms as gas plants , their cost would drop nearly 40%. Adavantages of wind energy consists of the following: It is ample, it is getting cheaper and cheaper and it may soon be the cheapest form of energy on a large scale, and it reduces toxic gas emmisions. Disadvantages of wind energy would consist of the following: It kills a lot of birds, some places dont receive as much wind as others, wind turbines can interferre with tv signal that is within a few mile radius of the turbines, the initial cost for the wind turbines is high, and the wind turbines take away from local landscapes by making it not as nice to see.
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