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Chapter 1: Curriculum and Instruction Defined

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Brandon Headrick

on 29 January 2011

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Transcript of Chapter 1: Curriculum and Instruction Defined

Chapter 1: Curriculum and Instruction Defined By: Brandon Headrick and Rebecca Young C & I 501 "While administrators administer, instructors instruct, and supervisors supervise, no school person curricules..."
(Olivia 1) "The curriculum field is by no means clear; as a disipline of study and as a field of practice, curriculum lacks clean boundaries..."
-Elizabeth Vallance- "Though it may be vehemently denied, no one has ever seen a curriculum, not a real, total, tangible, visible entity called a curriculum."
(Olivia 2) "The search for evidence of the mysterious creation called curriculum is not unlike efforts to track down BIGFOOT..."
(Olivia 2) "...all professionals in training must take courses of one type or another called curriculum" yet "there is not a certifiable field labeled curriculum."
(Olivia 2) "Madeline R. Grumet labeled curriculum as a 'field of utter confusion.' "
(Olivia 3) Question: In your own words, what is curriculum? "Curriculum is that which is taught at school."
"...is a set of subjects." "...is content." "...is everything that goes on within the school, including extra-class activities, guidance and interpersonal relationships." "...is a series of experiences undergone by learners in school."
(Olivia 3) "The first definition, for example...describes curriculum as 'a systematic group of courses or sequences of subjects required for graduation or certification in a field of study...' "
(Olivia 3) Basically, Olivia wants readers to understand that much like many other areas in education curriculum is still being conceptualized. However, Olivia introduces three terms to help understand curriculum theory.
1. Purpose 2. Context 3. Strategies "The search to clarify the meaning of curriculum reveals uncertainty about the disctinction between curriculum and instruction and their relationships to each other."
(Olivia 7) Models of Curriculum-Instruction Relationship 1. Dualistic Model Curriculum Instruction 2. Interlocking Model Curriculum Instruction 3. Concentric Model Curriculum Instruction Instruction Curriculum 4. Cyclical Model Curriculum Instruction "Curriculum and instruction are related but different." "...are interlocking and interdependent." "...may be studied and analyzed as seperate entities but cannot function in mutial isolation." (Olivia 11) Curriculum as a discipline:
What are the characteristics of a discipline? 1. Principles:
"Any discipline worthy of study has an organized set of theoretical constructs or principals that govern it." (Olivia 11) " 2. Knowledge and Skills:
"Any disciple encompasses a body of knowledge and skills pertinent to that discipline." (Olivia 12) 3. Theoreticians and Practitioners: "A discipline has its theoreticians and its practitioners." (Olivia 14) Sources
of the
Field History Philosophy Subject
Areas Management Organizational
Theory Supervision Psychology Sociology Evaluation Technology Systems
Theory Instruction Communication
Theory ? Role Variations:
"Teachers, curriculum specialists, and supervisors all engage in the activities to improve both curriculum and instruction...These personnel, all specialists in their own right, frequently trade places to accomplish the task of improvement."
(Olivia 16) "Even more simply, curriculum can be conceived as the 'what' and instruction the 'how.' " (Olivia 7) Curriculum = Programs
Instruction = Methods
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