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Agna and Blind Faith

This presentation examines the importance of agna and distunguish it from blind faith to avoid common misconceptions.

Reesha Patel

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Agna and Blind Faith

Agna vs. Blind Faith
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Step 1: Logic
Defined as reason or sound judgement
Step 2: Faith
Defined as confidence or
in a person or thing
Step 3: Agna
Defined as the commands from the Satpurush or God
What if your friend
took your phone and hid it
because you are constantly
on it?
What if Bapa did it?
Satyakam Jabali wanted to study bhrahmavidya So he did what he had to do...
If we were told to do the same, would we follow the request?
400 cows -> 1000 cows
When can we trust our mind (judgement) and when can we not?
To attain God, we need to follow the staircase sequentially
Goal in Hindiusim is
to attain moksha
- To identify the Satpurush: the true spirtual guide
Must use LOGIC to first find this individual
scriptures help us...

-"I follow the Satpurush who desires nothing, is reflective, tranquil, and has no enmity towards ANYONE. He has equanimity (mental and emotional stablity) for all, and if I am able to procure the dust from his feet, even I become purified."
30 attributes

of ideal Satpurush
necessary ingredients
* akinchan: one w/o worldly deisres
*sarvopakardarak: one who does ONLY good to others

* maitra: one who doesn't decieve others
*jitashadguna: one who has defeated thirst, hunger, grief, old age, and death.
* must use LOGIC to understand his greatness- he is not ordinary
* must use LOGIC when searching and finiding the ideal Satpurush
Vachanamrut Gadhada I-54,
"The Ekantik Sant is one who possesses the four traits of: swadharma, gnan, vairagya, and bhakti."
does he have the "necessary ingredients"?
Now that we have found the Satpurush, we must invest faith in him on our path to God...
Going to the doctors...
the Ekantik Satpurush= form of God
- he knows everything of past, present and future.
-has CONSTANT communion with God
Only logical to have faith
in him and follow him, as he
is MOST qualified to command
"You have asked me thousands of questions, not put aside all your doubts and concerns and
follow me and only me. I will redeem you from all."
Arjun understood Krishna Bhagwan to be God (Step #1)
Arjun had unwavering faith in him (Step #2)
P. Aksharvatsal Swami has referred to those 30 attributes (necessary ingredients) as the
"litmus test"
If a person embodies all 30 attributes, we should place our faith in him, whether or not he claims to be the Satpurush.
Vachanamrut Gadhadha II-16, "Dharma takes refuge only in God's form. That is why when a person keeps faith in God's form God comes and dwells in the person's
* Faith in the Satpurush enables us to fulfill the final step of following his agna (dharma)
*Gunatitanand Swami, "Someone may singlehandedly do the work of two people, but to obey the great Sadhu and sit idle or only do what he says is the BEST."
we are really following
the will of God
no happiness in the world and its temptations
The more we want, the more we indulge
in pleasures
Verifying Validity of Agna
why would he tell me that?
*must remember who it is that is guiding us
According to Dr. Kurisko, being vegetarian causes alot of defincies in the body, including Vitamin B12, protein, and certain essential omega acids.
However, according to the ADA, vegetarians have a reduced risk of getting heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.

Is it blind faith?
no, because it is
faith through understanding

So there was this family...
logic + Faith
The more agna we follow , the happier we will be and closer to
M & S
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