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No description

Stephannia Morris

on 27 April 2017

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Transcript of Riddles

Riddles are funny and help people think too. I will give you riddles.
I small as a thumb, I am light in air. You will
hear me before you see me. What am I ?
What jumps when it walks and and sits when it stand ?
By Yeajoo Sung
What is brown and has no
arms or legs, but has a head and tail ?
A Penny
If 2 men went fishing and caught 3
fishes and both ate 1whole fish what did they do with the 3rd fish?
One of the men had a son
I have no father. only Grandfather.
I bear no son ,but a daughter ?
Humming bird
A pocket was empty, but had something
in it what was it? how?
A hole
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