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No description

Areeba Aziz

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of RAPE CULTURE

Steubenville Trial
Rap Music
By: Yasmine and Areeba
Blurred Lines
“ You know you want it” - if she wants it, she will say she wants it

“Put Molly all in the champagne. She ain't even know it. I took her home and I enjoy that. She ain't even know it.- Rick Ross
What is Rape Culture?
Two high school football stars charged with raping sixteen year old girl
Victim blacked out= no mental state to consent
Other teenagers documented and traded pictures of the assault
"A rape culture is a complex of beliefs that encourages male sexual aggression and supports violence against women. It is a society where violence is seen as sexy and sexuality as violent. In a rape culture, women perceive a continuum of threatened violence that ranges from sexual remarks to sexual touching to rape itself. A rape culture condones physical and emotional terrorism against women as the norm."
"In a rape culture both men and women assume that sexual violence is a fact of life, inevitable as death or taxes."
“I hate these blurred lines” - NO grey area between consent and assault
“The way you grab me. Must wanna get nasty.” - No actions give a man permission to rape a woman (victims are never to be blamed)
"Nothing like your last guy, he too square for you.
He don’t smack your ass and pull your hair like that."

"I’ll give you something to tear your ass in two."
"Hi there girl, you mighta
Heard of me before, see whore, you're the kind of girl that I'd assault
And rape. then figure why not try not to make your pussy wider?
Fuck you with an umbrella, then open it up while the shit's inside ya."
- Eminem
"Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome
And you call this shit rape but I think that rape’s fun
Gorgeous, baby, you’re gorgeous. I just wanna drag your lifeless body to the forest and fornicate with it but that’s because I’m in love with you."
- Tyler the Creator
Penis Envy
Feminist Critique
The Id, Ego and Superego
Listening to music= being part of encouraging culture that condones violence against women
Pop music is immoral, mind numbing and endless reproductions of true art
Pop music rebels against religious and moral principles
Music reflects the culture in which it functions
One man pinning down a girl while four other men are observing and doing nothing in protest
Implies that gang rape is sexy
Woman seems as though she is not objecting or consenting
Young boy is trading a can of Pepsi for the lifeguard shirt so he can take advantage of an unconscious girl
Implies that young boy is going to commit a sexual act without consent
Sofia Vergara said she was raped which is disrespectful to actual women who have gone through the traumatizing experience
Celebrity status means that people are influenced by her
Celebrities considered heroes and admired
Others will think that there is no seriousness to rape
Celebrities represent the values and attributes that are faddish in the nation at that moment

By the end of the scene, the woman is enjoying the man's assault and gets upset when he suddenly has to leave
Seem as though when a woman says no she is secretly screaming yes
Makes the idea of rape seem like a joke or as though it is something pleasurable for the women
Our entire presentation is done through the feminist perspective
Created and defined the term rape culture
Fighting to rid our society of rape culture through awareness
Annual walk called the slut walk makes clear that regardless of your clothing choice rape is not okay
Fighting the portrayal of women in pop culture as sexual objects
Theory implies women are sexually passive and only engage in sex because they want children
Women envious of the sexual pleasure men can receive from penis
Women are biologically sexually inferior and morally inferior
Society is backtracking on portrayal of woman since the 1980's
The impulses and sexual desires men have for women come from the Id
Ego and superego should stop them from acting out on desires
Ego will not stop them because they see no consequences
Superego makes decisions based on moral values
Wrong moral values are shown in popular culture, thus young men have nothing to guide them
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