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Martin Van Buren

No description

Teyah Fasheh

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Martin Van Buren

Why Should he be Remembered
Life in Retirement
During his position of power
"A true man with no guile"
- Andrew Jackson on Van Buren
The Eighth President's Legacy
The Presidency
After the Presidency
Fast Facts
Important Events- continued
Place of residence
Albany, NY
Van Buren ran for reelection but James Polk won the most votes
Spent time with his 4 sons and their families
Date and Cause of Death
died July 24, 1862 at age 79 from a heart attack
Legacy of the president
His presidency was often described as lacking and troubled
his contributions were singular and significant

Katie Garrity
Marguerite Howland
Teyah Fasheh
A Closer Look at the "OK" President
Early Life
Bibliography of Sorts
Works Cited
Born December 5, 1782 in Old Kinderhook, New York
Parents were Abraham and Maria
Abraham- farmer and owned a tavern
6, he was the 4th oldest
Attended Kinderhook’s one-room school house until the age of 14 and did not attend college
Eventually married Hannah
they had 4 sons together
His father managed to place Buren in a lawyer’s office as the law clerk, which he did for 7 years
swept floors, ran errands, and studied law at night
Eventually opened a law firm with his half-brother James Van Allen
achieved much success- financially and in reputation
With his cases, he sided with the common people instead of the elite, which eventually helped lead him towards running for president
Before becoming president, Buren was secretary of state and then vice president, both under Jefferson




Martin Van Buren
Served: one term in office (1837-1841)
Vice President: Richard Mentor Johnson
helped form new Democratic Party from coalition of Jeffersonian Republicans who backed military hero/president Andrew Jackson
was president for financial panic of 1837
there was a failure of hundreds of banks and businesses
dissolved any hope of possible hope for land in the west and put nation into worst depression of its time
tried to continue Andrew Jackson's economic policies; did little to help
proposed independent treasury to handle federal funds which ended in bitter debate with Congress
war with Seminole Indians and lost next election in 1841
Andrew Jackson (preceded him) and heavily influenced him
the economy crashed a month after his inauguration
the way he handled the Panic of 1837
he was the first president born after America gained its independence
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